10 Project Plan Strategies You Must Embrace To Be Successful in Your Job Hunting Project

Project plan outlay - The Platform101
Project plan outlay - The Platform101
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Have you ever led a project or participated in one? Do you remember the zeal and commitment you exhibited in ensuring every phase of the project got accomplished right
on time? Do you remember how you kept referring to the project plan to be certain that every progress reconciled with the blueprint? And do you recall all the intricate details you included in the project plan to ensure it were a success?

No one plans a project with failure in mind and so should it be when rolling out a new job search project.

A project has start, execution and finish phases. So many processes are in between to ensure good success.

In your new job search process, there are a number of practical project plan practices and structures you can embrace in order to have timely success.

The following are 10 project planning practices you could successfully incorporate in your 2017 new job search project:

1. Targeted job application
Plan to only apply for job opportunities that match your qualifications. Consider what has been highlighted as essential qualifications for the role. This narrows down
your field of search thus increasing your chances of landing the applied for jobs besides saving your precious time.

It does not make sense to apply for a job calling for 10 years’ experience when all you’ve got is an internship certificate.

2. Develop a powerful and authentic professional online brand/presence
LinkedIn is a very strong online tool for professionals across the globe. Serious recruiters and hiring managers visit LinkedIn to have a glance of your profile. Make
it a good one and let the details therein match what you have on all other job application documents.

Do not underestimate the power LinkedIn in building your career. Make it you best ally.

3. Research the prospective companies
All successful projects are anchored on the foundation of proper research prior to kick-off. Successful job hunt project is no different.

Take time and research relevant information about the companies where you have placed a targeted job application. Nothing builds a job seeker’s confidence like having relevant information during the interview.

Boost your chances by gaining good understanding of your potential employers.

4. Practice and perfect your elevator speech
The success of any project depends on how well and fast you can sell your idea and plans to the stakeholders. No one should ever be left guessing which jig you are in the puzzle.

Similarly you must consciously practice and perfect your elevator speech. You should be able to sell yourself to the hiring team in the shortest time possible. Your speech should highlight you value to the organization and how you would fit in its culture as well.

5. Establish you networks
The bigger the network during a project, the easier it is to get all required resources key to its success. Not having a network means you are on your own.

For success in job search project, establish and utilize the professional networks. The bigger the networks, the more likely you are to get the right job opportunity information.

In the new job hunting project, avoid the lone ranger mentality. You will miss so many available opportunities and industry information.

6 . Prepare and polish you CV
Prior to winning any project, a business proposal precedes any negotiations.In your job search project, your most powerful marketing tool is a well designed or crafted CV.
Make it appealing to the eyes and heart of the recruiter. You may need to outsource a professional CV writer to help you put it in great shape.

7. Learn and be professional
Many career coaches have advised that one needs to act professional. I advise that instead of acting professional, choose to be professional. Acting and being brings out different personalities when you interact in the human-sphere.

Take time to understand how first impression matter and how you can make it part and parcel of you not just for the job search project.

Learn good personal presentation and embrace it prior to getting an interview invite. You do not want to dress in a suit for the first time and walk into an interview room in a jacket that looks and feels funny on you. This will affect your concentration.

8. Prepare for tough times
Though they may never pinpoint at one prior to it happening, all visionary project managers always look into the future of the project and plan for the unknown challenges. They know they will certainly face some challenges.

A prepared mindset is a powerful tool in combating challenges when they show up.

In your job search project, always plan for the tough moments ahead. This may include being ready to answer uncomfortable questions about your job history (especially if you were fired in your previous one), dealing with personal financial recession without losing track of the big picture, travelling to remote locations for interviews etc.

Let your mind be ready for the uncertain developments.

9. Develop deep listening skills
Successful project managers are great listeners. Besides talking to communicate to the stakeholders, they actively listen to the said and unsaid words. They know how to interpret the feelings and emotions in the spoken word. They know listening is key to responding appropriately.

As you embark on your job hunting mission, learn and develop good listening skills. Learn when to talk and when to be silent. Always learn to listen to understand.

Know how to decode the thoughts and feeling in the words or voice of the hiring manager.
This wonderful skill creates connection with the interviewer.

10. Stay positive and stay happy
Some of the most successful projects in the life of a project manager are the ones that offered the most difficult moments while executing. The projects that pushed everyone back to the drawing board to think and re-think. The projects that made everyone realize success will only come if they worked as a team.

In your job search, you will have tough days. You will attend interviews and feel like gosh, what was that!!!. You will apply for jobs you feel you are well qualified and end up getting no response. You will do interviews and perform well only to learn later that management froze all recruitment activities.

Make a conscious decision to stay positive in your new job search project. Save yourself the emotional and health anguish. Plan and purpose beforehand to stay above the challenges.
When you stay right on course and arm yourself with the right tools and mindset, you will no doubt carry this job search project to the end and have a wide door in the
name of a new job open before you.

Do not give up along the journey instead choose to enjoy every step and learn what need to be learnt at every stage.

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