10 Important Things Every New Graduate Need to Know As They Embark on Their First Job

Important Things Every New Graduate Need to Know As They Embark on Their First Job
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Graduating from college is great; getting a job immediately after graduation is even greater.

The transition from class to workplace can sometimes be rough and tricky for new graduates since the two environments are totally different.

In order to have a smooth landing and subsequent take-off in your career in terms of performance, every new graduate should take note of the following pointers. Understanding and adhering to them will go a long way in enabling one to have a great start in their young career journey

1. Your boss wishes you well

The idea of having a boss can be scary if not intimidating. It is important to know that as you start your first job, you have a boss whose priority is to see you succeed.

You success or rather good performance has a direct impact on your boss’ performance.

As you take up the job be prepared to work and be guided by your boss. He/she knows better what you ought to do and how you should do it for positive results.

Make your boss your No.1 mentor and trainer. If you do not understand something, do not hesitate to ask for guidance.

Develop respect and not fear for your new boss in the new workplace.

2. Teamwork is the keyword

In college you may have been penalised for sharing information in the exam room; that is no more. To the contrary you will be awarded at the workplace for sharing information that offers insights into how business can be done better.

As you start your first job, it is important to realise that you will work in a human environment where your co-workers will rely on you and you on them to make a successful team.

Be ready to learn to extend a helping hand and to receive one too.

3. Your job begins before your day one

Do not wait until the reporting day to start learning more about your new employer. Take time to study, understand and build a good frame of reference about your employer.

Information about the organization can easily be found online and some through brochures.

Take time and understand your employer’s’ history, policies, procedures and other information that will be helpful.

Having proper understanding about your organization long before you join them will go a long way in making your onboarding process quite seamless if not enjoyable.

4. You are human and prone to make mistakes

The workplace is a human environment and human beings ain’t perfect. You will make mistakes in your line of duty and should be ready to deal with that positively.

With this awareness, never try to cover up a mistake when it happens, rather seek help and purpose to learn pretty fast from it.

You will only get finer in your trade when you learn to learn from your mistakes and not covering them up.

You should also be ready to see others make mistakes. Be gentle with them and offer helpful lessons where you can.

5. Meal breaks are networking opportunities

Casual meal times should be used for building your internal workplace networks. Do not lose that golden opportunity by choosing to have lunch by yourself at some joint somewhere.

Use the lunch or team breakfast/snack opportunity to know and learn more about your workmates.

This is an invaluable networking opportunity that will help you gain visibility and respect at the workplace. Don’t waste it!

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6. Your ego has no room in the workplace

You may have been in the Dean’s list and your class and professors were all in awe of your intellectual power and prowess. That was for the college and it has now landed you into a new field where you know so little if not nothing.

Never allow your ego (especially for your past success in school) to come in your way of being ready to learn from your colleagues in the office.

As a first time employee, No one expects you to be an expert — because you aren’t an expert yet! — so don’t try to act like one. Instead, learn from people at the company who have experience on the job and can help get you up to speed.

7. Be friendly and respect diversity

As you start your career journey you will meet co-workers of varying ages, backgrounds, attitudes, work habits and experiences.

To have a great experience you will need to learn to respect all and sundry.

Be warm and kind to your co-workers and learn to keep a smile rather than a frown.

8. Keep your focus and do your best

Learn from your boss what it is you are supposed to do and make a concerted effort in being the best at it. Give all your efforts to deliver the best solution in your work.

Create your personal goals and match them to your employer’s then seek out to achieve them in a timely manner.

9. Flexibility is part of success

As a first time employee, discard every thought of rigidity. Be ready to flow with the rhythm of expectation at the workplace.

Sometimes you will be expected to work beyond or even earlier than your reporting time. Demonstrate to your boss and team that you are the right ingredient for success.

Just be ready to stretch because stretching, you surely will.

10. First impression has no alternative, don’t miss it

For a fresh graduate and especially the millennials, professional dressing is such a puzzle in their first job yet it plays a crucial role in creating a lasting impression in the minds of your boss and colleagues.

Take time to understand your new employer’s dress code and if in doubt err to the side of caution. Better be over-dressed than to be under-dressed.

Upon joining the workplace take time and study the dress patterns from your colleagues and adapt pretty fast.

It doesn’t do any harm to enquire from your office buddy or the HR team even prior to joining about the office dress code.

Do not blow away your opportunity to create a powerful positive impression as you begin your first job.


Having the above pointers in mind as you take on your first job will go a long way in ushering you into the highway of your career success.

All the best

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