11 Signs That Prove Your Child is Destined to Be a Leader

11 Signs That Prove Your Child is Destined to Be a Leader
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Any parent wishes their child to be the best in life. They hope that through their progeny, there will arise the next Nelson Mandela, Barrack Obama, Usain Bolt, Oprah Winfrey et al

While it is true that leadership can be nurtured, the following signs could be the strongest indicators that you son or daughter is destined for great leadership responsibility in any given field of life:

1. High Emotional Intelligence

When you notice you child being friendly, encouraging, and concerned about other people’s well-being, then this is a positive sign of a leader growing in them.

A child who is empathetic and understands how to relate to others emotionally bears a very strong positive trait and a great asset for leadership.

Children, just like adults, are full of feelings, so the ability to interpret them is a character strength for anyone and should be encouraged and guided to nature the same.

2. Selflessness

When you watch you kids play with their friends, the most instinctive habit that manifests is that they tend to grab and hold on to all the playing tools. Children have this natural selfish instinct of wanting everything for themselves.

To the contrary, if you notice that your child is ever willing to give away something they like if someone else really needs it, then they are already displaying leadership traits.

Great leaders are known for being selfless. They always want the best in others and are more than willing to sacrifice their own comfort for others.

3. Mature thinking and confident

As a parent do you notice that you have a child who is never afraid to join a conversation with a group of grown-ups?

Maybe some adults in the lounge were having a discussion and said something which attracted the kids attention and without hesitation, he/she shot a question wanting to know more albeit respectfully.

This is a strong natural trait of a leader to be. Such kids think beyond their age and exhibit traits and behaviors normally found in grown-ups.

4. Inquisitiveness

It is normal for kids to be given to playing most of the time. However if you notice that your child is mostly given to reading and discovering new things while his/her peers are busy playing, then a leader to be is being bred.

A relentless appetite for literature has long been associated with intelligence and if you find your child to be hungry for knowledge, then help them satisfy it by investing in the resources required. That is a great training ground of a future leader

5. Self-sufficient

Children up to a certain age are overly dependent on parents or grown-ups. To the contrary, a leader kid exhibits totally different mannerism.

When left alone for some time, they may never throw tantrums or exhibit fear, instead they do play on their own for uninterrupted periods of time.

A leader has to be able not only to rely on people, but also keep moving even in the face of isolation. Leaders draw energy both from within and without themselves.

6. Self thinkers

Children by nature are expected to flow with the opinions of elders almost unquestioningly.

However if you notice you have a kid who can make suggestions on certain things and question the directions given by parents or other elderly people in their environment, then you could be having a great leadership mind in your house.

The earlier you encourage them to think on their own, the faster you bring out the leader in them.

7. Natural leaders

Have you watched your kid while with others on the playground? Is he/she the one who come up with suggestions of the games to be played and the rest gladly and naturally follow?

If your son/daughter opts to trail blaze rather than follow the pack, then you have a leader in them.

Entrepreneurship demands natural leaders who are ready to call the shots and try uncharted territories.

8. They Like To Dabble

Does your little one like to try out a variety of activities? Though it might be frustrating when your child is hopping from one thing to the next, it could be a good indicator of leadership.

As a parent learn to allow your child’s schedule to look like a hodgepodge mess with no real core since that is a good thing.

Leadership psychology experts point out that his messy outlook implies your future leader wants to learn about diverse things and not just rely on their strengths.

So let them dabble and try out as many hobbies as your parental patience can handle.

9. Responsibility, drive and ambition

As a parent take note of what kind of learner your child is/will be. If you aren’t constantly reminding him/her to start and finish daily tasks or chores, he/she will probably have no trouble with accomplishing goals later in life; a key aspect of leaders

A kid who demonstrates self-sufficiency and assumes responsibility by completing things on their own, shows leadership potential that should be nurtured well.

Of course, they’re still kids so they might have the occasional mix-up, but for the most part you will see their sense of responsibility.

10. Social butterflies

Great leadership demands strategic relationships.

As a parent when you notice you son/daughter has a high social competence (the ability to form and maintain positive relationships with others), then you need to know he/she is a potential leader.

This is an important skill for leaders. Encouraging your kids to have friendly playtime with other children is always a good idea.

11. Risk taking

A great sign that your kid could be a poised for leadership is when you realise he/she has a flair for taking risks with a rational element of him/her learning to weigh the pros and cons.” Essentially, that’s how everyone learns. You take a risk and are better prepared for next time.

The ability to make difficult decisions is a sign your child will be a leader.

I’m sure plenty of leaders have only gotten where they are today because they trusted their instinct and followed through when a decision needed to be made.

What other trait have you seen in your child that you think could be a sign of him/her being a great leader in the days to come? Share with us on the comment segment below.

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