12 Brand Personality Types and Concepts – Which One Inspires You?

12 Brand Personality Types and Concepts to Inspire You
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Have you ever stopped and asked yourself why you always buy the things or services that you always buy? Have you also ever asked yourself why you always wish to work for and apply for jobs in certain organizations and not others despite the fact that both might be having similar vacancies?

Humans buy product or services not for the features therein but rather the benefits they offer. Similarly we always apply for jobs in certain firms because of the ideals that come with associating with those organizations.

Every product, service and organization represents an ideal or aspirations that either appeal to or repel us.

Marketers confirm that people don’t merely buy products. They buy into their aspirations; they buy “better versions of themselves”.

In order for organizations to attract clients or employees to buy into the “better versions of themselves”, they always portray the concept of brand personality and corporate identity.

Organizations brand’s personality is the lead character in a story that ‘speaks’ to the desires and aspirations of their clients and potential employees.

Whenever we see or perceive this desires and aspirations, we consciously or unconsciously make a decision to associate with an organization.

Most organization brands fall into one or a mix of the 12 main brand personality types highlighted below.

1. Purist

A purist brand champions values such as wholesomeness,exemplary ethics, simplicity, highly ethical and purity.

This brand does take a stand for what is right.

Examples of purist brands are Disney and Sesame Street.

2. Pioneer/Explorer

Pioneer brands champion values such as freedom, adventure, self-discovery, self-reliance and ambition.

They like to stay current with trends, encouraging individual initiative, and providing others with the opportunity to learn and grow.

This brand places great value on being different and/or independent. The Discovery Channel and Jeep are some of the pioneer brand examples.

3. Source

Source brands embrace knowledge and enlightenment. They champion values such as truth, objectivity, education, discipline, clarity and commitment. They develop own knowledge and expertise to the highest level.

They are the brands that we look to for information, advice and insights. Examples of source brands include Bloomberg, Mckinsey, CNN, Discovery Channel etc.

4. Conqueror

Conqueror brands are those that are associated with performance, resilience, steadfastness, character and endurance.

This brands are very successful at producing consistent results; creating teams and systems that fulfill objectives; and giving their all to achieve a goal. This is mainly due to their core talents of being competent and courageous

Good examples of conqueror brands are Nike and Weight Watchers.

5. Rebel

Rebel brands champion values such as independence, controversy, disruption, freedom and nonconformity. For these brands, rules are meant to be broken.

The Rebel brands are normally successful at developing truly radical ideas, products, and services; leading reform of all kinds; and/or serving as the contrarian voice in debates.

Apple, Red Bull and WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) are some of the well known global rebel brands

6. Wizard

Wizard brands specialize in taking the ordinary and transforming it into the extraordinary. They make things happen.

This brands serve as catalysts for change; turning problems into opportunities; re-framing difficulties; empowering people, teams, and networks; and creating flexible, win/win solutions for all involved in a situation.

Some known examples include Apple and Mastercard.

7. Straight Shooter

Straight shooter brands value authenticity (keeping it real), honesty, modesty and frankness. They tell it it as it is and also prioritize function over appearance or style;

Examples include Easy Jet, Levi’s and Southwest Airlines.

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8. Seducer

Seducer brands are about evoking emotions and creating relationships.

They are associated with values such as beauty, pleasure, passion, seduction, desire, sensuality and intimacy.

They portray a life of passion and enthusiasm. Known examples include calvin klein and Victoria Secrets.

9. Entertainer

This brands portray a sense of living in the moment with full enjoyment. They want you to have a great time and lighten up the world.

Entertainer brands champion values such as spontaneity, charm and humor.

These brands seem to enjoy helping their customers discover the fun side of life. Coca cola comes to mind almost instantly.

10. Protector/Caregiver

This brands are most successful at providing consistent, high-quality service or care; creating stable and nurturing environments; and advocating for others at whichever level.

Protector or caregiver brands embody and promote values such as compassion, kindness, care,generosity and love.

Examples of protector brands are Johnson & Johnson, Pampers, Amnesty International etc.

11. Imagineer

This are brands that develops distinctive, original products and services and/or innovating new solutions or expressive means.

They embody original thinking and innovation, vision, artistry, experimentation, risk taking and creativity.

Examples include Sony, Lego, YouTube and Photoshop.

12. Emperor

Whenever I’m driving and then a Mercedes or Porsche zooms by, I always got this feeling of just giving them way. They rule the roads.

The emperor brands are known for using power to create positive outcomes, and make order out of chaos.

This brands embody leadership, determination, respect, dominance, influence and wealth.

The Rolex brand is another good global example.

Where does your organization brand personality fall?

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