12 Power Words You MUST Use In Your CV To Stand Out

Creating IMPACT on your CV - The Platform101
Creating IMPACT on your CV - The Platform101
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Do you remember the English lesson where you were taught about Parts of Speech including verbs? They were described as action words.

As a job applicant or job seeker, you MUST have certain ACTION WORDS in your CV to make it stand out from the sea of competition. This will help you describe or demonstrate your current or previous actions as far as the role in question role is concerned


This action words include:

This is the process of effectively controlling things or people. This could include time management, supplier management, process management, stakeholder management…etc etc. Management skill is critical and valued by employers.

So include the term managed in your CV by describing what you have or are currently managing well, from teams to projects.

This will demonstrate to potential employers and recruiters that you have control over your responsibilities and can drive the results.

We are all employed to do one thing; DELIVER. Be it sales targets, cost savings, acquiring right talent, large projects, or training staff, the organizations will ask one questions at the end of it all. Did you deliver well?

To attract the attention of the recruiter, it is imperative to show tangible end products of your work by explaining what you have delivered.

Including numbers or statistics will go a long way in quantifying your value.

Every organization want to do better business going forward and if you could demonstrate to the hiring manager how you have currently help you organization to improve its whole or segments of business, then you will have one step in the right direction.

Demonstrate through your CV that you are a candidate who can bring serious improvements on board. Whether by introducing improved processes, improving sales figures or improving performance, explain this clearly to the hiring manager and demonstrate using figures how that has been achieved to date.

All organizations want to minimize on spending in their operations thus cost cuttings initiatives become a big deal to them. If you have successfully been involved in a cost reduction or time saving project before, then ensure it reflects in your CV.

Use facts and figures to details the saving or costs reduced and value added.

Negotiation skill is vital in all areas of the business like selling to clients, seeking for favorable prices from suppliers, mergers and acquisitions talks, influencing others to your point of view, seeking the line manager’s dinner budget approval etc.

Employers are seeking for talented individuals who can be trusted to lead or participate in negotiations in their line of duty.
Indicate in you CV all negotiations you have been involved and how they have been of value to the employer and yourself.

To succeed one must PLAN. It is vital to show employers that you are capable of methodical and effective planning for self and for your team.

Your CV should demonstrate to the recruiters or hiring manager that you have the ability to plan effectively in the workplace, create work plans and direct them through to completion in order to achieve your employers’ goals.

This denotes a reliable team member who can support others and uphold team spirit. Ensure that your CV’s roles descriptions show that you have supported all parties you have interacted with in your line of duty. Show you are a reliable resource.

Training others shows you are an expert in that field, are keen to develop others, you have succession planning at the top of your mind, you have good communication skills and are confident. You also present self as an asset that can be relied to strengthen a team.

If you held training responsibility in your previous role or got involved in training others then include this in your CV.

Businesses are looking for individuals who can discern out issues and resolve them. This could be resolving client complaints or internal work process problems.

In your CV, detail the issues that you face in your role, the steps you take to resolve them and the results you achieved in doing so.

Presentation is key to a business. This could range from presenting finding of a research or survey to stakeholders to presenting annual departmental budgets to the leadership team.

If you’ve got any prior presentation experience, include it in your CV and you sure will make an impression.

There is so much data flying over our heads in the workplace thus the need to get someone who can make sense of it in and help the business make informed decisions from the same.

If you have the ability to read data, understand how it affects your employer’s business and utilize it to drive positive change, then market yourself with this analytical on your CV and stand out from the crowd.

Businesses are looking for new systems and process to enhance their operations. These include new solutions, new technologies, new services and new products.

Use your CV to draw on specific examples of concepts that you have initiated and developed from scratch through to the intended end and you will prove to the hiring lot that, you have the potential to create a real impact with your work.

Include these essential verbs in you CV and you certainly will be receiving an interview invitation soon.


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