3 Signs You Had A Successful Week And You Deserve The Weekend

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Not a single person whom I know hates Friday evenings. They call it members day for various good reasons and it also is a doorway to the weekend. A time to refresh self, relax with family and plan for the coming new week. 

As you head toward the weekend, it is important to always look back at the week that was and draw a brutally honest evaluation on how successful you were in executing your roles and responsibilities or rather in living out your life’s purposes.

To appreciate how successful you have been in the week, all you need to do is look back and check out for this three indicators:

1.  You did set clear goals at the beginning of the week and accomplished them
If you want good things to happen in your life, you must have a positive mind-set accompanied by positive plans and schedules. Great thoughts should culminate into planned actions.

We all hive bigger and long term life goals within which some aspects of our work life ties in. To be successful and targeted, it is important to break these goals into palatable units that can be executed on daily and weekly basis,

If at the beginning of the week you had set out a number of goals around the different faculties of your life and went ahead to accomplish them, consider yourself a success and having had a successful week. You certainly now feel more productive and energetic by the small steps of accomplishment.

Congratulations for the discipline and keep it up. You deserve the weekend buddy

2.  You completed certain tasks that you didn’t want to (tasks that you dislike)
We all have assignments that we always put aside or keep resisting or we just dislike. The tasks could be at home and include things like doing laundry or hitting the gym or they could be at the workplace where you know you need to but dislike engaging certain colleagues or bosses, running certain reports or doing certain mundane and very clerical assignments. Ironically we appreciate the value these tasks bring either to our lives or into the business as a whole.

You could have previously been procrastinating these tasks.

If in the cause of the week you made a deliberate effort, planned and went out to accomplish one of those tasks you dislike, then pat yourself on the back and say “I’m a success”. You had a successful week.

The doors and windows of the weekend kingdom are wide open and the angels are welcomingly bowing waiting for “King you” to enter into the weekend palace and enjoy.

3.  You tried something new
You can never learn something new by doing the same old, same old. You either have to create a new way of doing an old thing or look for a novel task to do.

If you planned and tried something new in the course of the week; went out to a new joint for lunch, for the first time paid someone’s coffee bill, reached out to and made a new client contact, introduced a new business concept, led a team meeting or did a presentation for the first time, etc then no doubt you have done well and you have the crown of success on your head.

You had a great week and secured a ticket to join other revelers in partaking of the weekend goodies as you plan to create another week of achievement by taking personal responsibility.

Enjoy your weekend “Mr/Mrs/Ms Success this week”

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