4 Ways to Prove Your Worth During a Restructuring

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Job redundancy process always creates a feeling of in the workplace.Worse still if the restructuring is not handled well and people don’t understand the reasoning behind it, employees likely feel resentful toward the company and the leadership—which can result in top employees leaving.

But even if it was handled with high sensitivity and transparency, restructuring creates an environment of uncertainty and anxiety as everyone figures out what comes next. So, it’s completely normal to feel worried—but it’s also important to figure out what you want to do next quickly so that you can make moves that are in your best interest.

If you are convinced you do want to stay at the company, here are a few recommendations.

1. Seek Out Information

Between your manager, your manager’s boss, and your HR resource, one of them should be able to provide more detail about the purpose of the restructuring. Ask them as directly as possible if your job’s at risk. Also ask what you can do to increase your impact and value in the new structure. Then, put their ideas into action ASAP.

2. Remain Positive

Management wants people who are enthusiastic about the mission and who believe in the success of the company—even when times are rough. So if you’re prone to venting, do your best to keep it out of the office and out of management’s earshot.

3. Be Flexible

All of those changes mean you’re probably going to have to be flexible about your specific responsibilities, your reporting structure, and possibly even the team that you work with. Let it be known that you’re a team player and are ready for the challenges and opportunities that the restructuring will bring.

4. Secure Champions at the Leadership Level

The truth is that you’re going to need allegiances—not only for information, but also to ensure that at least one person in power knows your value and will speak up on your behalf. Make it a point to grab a few coffees with higher-ups, or speak up more in meetings (with good suggestions) when leadership is present, or simply share your recent achievements with your manager.

If you follow these steps, you will come out ahead. Showing that you are dedicated to the company and willing to stick it out will lead to all kinds of new opportunities for you. So, keep your chin up—good things are headed your way!

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