5 Career Lies to Stop Telling Yourself

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It’s sad that many people get up and go to jobs they hate. What’s even sadder is that many people are afraid to make a change. I believe everyone deserves happiness, and you might feel the same. Regardless of what you might have heard or been told, you have the power to adjust your situation. But before you can make changes, you need to stop telling yourself these seven career lies.


1. I’m stuck
Rather than think you’re stuck at a career you hate, start plotting your exit strategy. You may not be able to make a move today or tomorrow, but if you acquire the skills you need to move ahead in your career, you’ll eventually be prepared to seek jobs that are a better match for your personality and passions.


2. I’m thankful to be employed
Unemployment is a real concern, and despite having skills, education and experience, some people can’t find work. Therefore, if you have a job, you might tell yourself not to complain and be thankful for what you have. I think it’s smart to count our blessings, but if you’re not satisfied with your career, simply being thankful isn’t a good enough reason to stick around. No one is suggesting quitting your job without a plan, yet there’s no harm in dusting off your resume and applying for new positions.


3. I’ll stick around for another year – or two
If you know a position isn’t working for you and you’re unhappy every day, why wait one or two years to start looking for a new job? Postponing a switch is understandable if you need time to go back to school or gain more experience, but if you already have what it takes to move ahead, don’t put off the inevitable. Besides, if you don’t do anything about the situation now, you’ll probably make additional excuses and stick around for more than another one or two years.


4. I can’t quit, this is my major
I’m sure millions of people have positions outside their major. Understandably, you spent money to receive an education in a particular area — and yes, some people are fortunate enough to find satisfying work in their major. But if you enter a particular field and realize it’s not for you, don’t be afraid to consider other opportunities. I know people with journalism degrees who’ve put their skills to good use in other industries, such as insurance, marketing and sales. I also know individuals with business degrees and auto mechanic licenses who left their jobs to teach course in these areas. You have more options than you realize. Explore these and choose a career path that’s right for you.


5. The company needs me
I’m not saying you’re not a valuable player, and undoubtedly your boss appreciates your hard work. But even if you’re one of the best, there’s no true job security and employer loyalty has its limits. If the company needs to cut expenses and eliminate jobs, your boss may have to fire you. So while it’s commendable to be loyal to your company, you shouldn’t be loyal at the expense of career satisfaction.

Do you really want to spend 10, 15 or 20 years in a position that isn’t fulfilling or rewarding? You have the power to change your situation. Stop making excuses and strategize a plan to move ahead and find career satisfaction.

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