5 Great Pieces of Career Advice and Inspiration From Elon Musk

5 Great Pieces of Career Advice and Inspiration From Elon Musk
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Born in South Africa, Elon Musk is a celebrated inventor, entrepreneur, investor, and a hugely successful businessman and leader.

It is hard to think that this business mogul ever went through some dark patches of life in his quest for success. From being bullied in school, his parents divorcing and having no access to centers of global commerce.

Elon Musk studied in a Canadian college after which he founded a software company called Zip2 together with his brother Kimbal. Upon selling the company, Elon pumped the profits and began a new venture which is the present day Paypal

He went ahead and founded SpaceX to advance rocket technology for future space travel.

Later in 2008 he took over leadership of Tesla Motors, which is now a leading automotive innovator. He also is responsible for Solar City, a company committed to combating global warming by reducing emissions through solar energy innovation.

Another great highlight for Elon is the fact that he taught himself how to code in three days

He’s worth over $12.5 billion and still growing.

There are five career inspirations and lessons we can all learn from Elon Musk. This include:

1. Have a goal in life.

Don’t just make your goal to “make a lot of money” or “get promoted to X.” Have a goal that’s both compelling and meaningful.

Figure out how to make things better, or to do something significant.

If the company or product doesn’t exist yet, be on the forefront of making it real.

2. Seek criticism.

Don’t be delusional and think you and your ideas are infallible. Get as much feedback as you possibly can from people you trust.

Make sure you keep examining yourself to make sure you truly believe in your ideals and aren’t just after some unrealistic dream for the wrong reasons.

Be gracious when someone tells you to rethink one aspect of your plans.

3. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

Don’t try to run multiple empires or companies. Concentrate on doing one thing, or building one company at a time, and giving that project your all.

On the other hand, you should be working harder and longer than everybody else. That’s how you get more done in less time, and how you get ahead.

4. Don’t fear failure.

Failure is a normal part of the innovation process. Make friends with this.

If you think something is probably going to end up in failure, but it’s important enough to try, make sure you go for it.

Failure is generative. Failure is a necessary component of innovation.

5. Choose to be extraordinary.

According to Musk, “people can choose to be ordinary.” Choose the opposite. Challenge and question norms. Do the unexpected. Strive always for greater goals and deeds.

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