5 Key Things You MUST Demonstrate During A Job Interview

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Nothing boosts an interviewee’s confidence like adequate and relevant preparation prior to the interview. As one prepares to have this important job search appointment, it’s imperative to arm yourself with right information.

Knowing how to respond the interview questions is good, but the killer punch will always be how you connect with the organization and customize your responses to bring the “best you” out as the candidate that should be hired.

The following five elements are quite key, As an interviewee you MUST demonstrate them during your interview in order to boost your chances:

1. Accurate Knowledge of the organization
Imagine yourself as an interviewer listening to a candidate who is struggling to explain what your organization is or does. You will almost automatically conclude that the candidate is not serious about the opportunity thus no need to waste time.

You must demonstrate that you have done your homework well and that you understand the company’s history, plans and culture.

We live in the internet age where information is available at the click of a button. You must have info on who are the key figures in the organization and whether there have been any major activities recently such as, the launch of new products or services.

Many organizations are quite passionate about their corporate responsibility activities, It will be better if you could get to know some of the programs and their impact to the community or environment.

Tangible facts and figures well-articulated are enough to show you’ve done your research properly.

2. Relevant Skills and Training
Your CV is basically a summary of your skills and competencies. This offers you the opportunity to have a face to face discussion with the interviewer and make him/her understand more about your capability.

As part of your preparation, draw up a list of your skills relevant to the job in question. Check them out against the job description and see how you fit into the role.

During the interview, you must demonstrate your technical capabilities and competency since that is one key thing the interviewer will be looking for. Remember you will be employed to be doing that job so let the interview know you have what it takes.

3. Measurable, Relevant and Specific Examples of Success
Nothing speaks louder to a job search process like past success. Using precise examples demonstrate to the interviewer how you have achieved success in previous related roles or capacities you’ve held.

Paint to him/her scenarios where you have demonstrated these qualities positively. For example, if you do pride yourself on your people skills then you may want to talk about a time when you led a team, supported a colleague or were commended for your excellent customer relation service.

If you did it before, then you can do it again.

4. Positive Attitude and Flexibility
Every business needs people it can rely on in good and tough times. In most roles, there are times when you will be expected to stretch beyond your call of duty or even do something that is technically beyond your scope, in order to get the job done. This is all part of the natural ebb and flow of work.

As an interviewee you should demonstrate agility so as to improve your chances of being hired.

Never approach a job interview situation with rigid mind.

5. Manners/Respect to all
Seem obvious but it’s not. Purpose to be polite to everyone you meet, from the Askari at the gate, to the receptionist and your potential boss(es). Learn to smile, use courteous words and demonstrate that you will be a friendly and valuable member of the team.

In your quest to demonstrate good manners and respect to all, avoid being too plastic. You will either portray a desperate or awkward character.

When it comes to making a final decision between two equally qualified candidates, the one who comes across as most personable is definitely bound to linger more positively in the mind of the interviewer.


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