5 Ways Low Self-Esteem Badly Hurts Your Career

5 Effects of Low Self-Esteem to Your Career Life
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When you have negative and self-defeating beliefs about yourself they end up being statements of facts about your life.

If your internal dialogue is composed of more negative terms like “not good enough,” you are suffering from low self-esteem, and it’s most likely affecting more than just your mood.

Low self-esteem is a sneaky enemy that has wide ranging effects especially in your career life.

Individuals suffering for the low self esteem will always lack motivation, avoid productive risk-taking, have poor job performance and could end up with depression.

The following are the clearest signs and effects of having a low self esteem mindset especially at the workplace.

1. You always feel intimidated by others performance

How do you always feel when your team mate accomplishes a great project and is rewarded for it?

If you have a low self esteem the default response will be that of feeling intimidated by others success. You will rarely celebrate your co-workers victories.

The feeling of envy and insecurity will in turn affect you productivity and cast more doubt on your ability to deliver a similar assignment.

You need to be confident in your abilities and believe that what others can achieve, you can achieve too.

2. You fear asking for a promotion or pay raise

This could begin right from the interview day when you under-priced yourself for the job at hand. No matter how well you deliver on the assignment, you cannot just be bold and ask for a commensurate pay.

If you feel you truly deserve a promotion or pay raise and you have concrete evidence to back your claim, ask for it. You may not get it but you have asked, that is very important.

3. You feel you cannot lead others at work

If you have low self esteem, then running away from any sort of leadership opportunity at work becomes the norm.

You have a misguided sense of humility by thinking that it is humble enough just to be a support team member

Businesses crave for good leadership and when the opportunity presents itself you should pounce on it. This is the only way you will influence positive change you want at the workplace

Sometimes to truly express your abilities, you need to lead others. Be a leader in your own way and don’t run away from leadership opportunities.

4. You do not consider yourself worthy of achieving much

To achieve greatness you must believe you can.

As an employee with low self-esteem you believe that great accomplishments are for other people and not for your class or grade.

You can achieve greatness if you believe and put in the required efforts.

Do not be limited by your own beliefs, trust in your ability, dream big and work hard.

5. You shy away from responsibilities

If you have low self-esteem you tend to run away from responsibilities at work. The interesting thing is that such responsibilities give rise to greater opportunities in the future.

When you have a low self-esteem, you always feel incapable of doing the “BIG” tasks, so you pass them on.

Very confident people believe that there is nothing they cannot achieve as long as they put their minds to it.

You can improve your performance at work by boosting you self-esteem. It’s all about changing your belief system and placing a higher value on yourself.

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