6 Important Career Lessons We Can Learn from Donald Trump’s Victory

President-elect Donald Trump speaks during an election night rally, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2016, in New York. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)
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We all know him by now. He came, he dreamt and he conquered. He is trending across the global social media space because of the upset he caused. He is none other than Donald Trump, the 45th President elect of USA. Every external factor predicted his loss in the just concluded presidential election yet he rose above all and made history by securing a job or rather a career most believed he was never trained and thus never ready for. Drum rolls for the man Beside being the American Mr money bags, he now has another title for the next four year; POTUS thus the most powerful man on earth.

Love him or hate him, Trump has made history and there are quite a number of career lessons you can learn from him courtesy of the tight and very divisive presidential campaigns that preceded the voting. I have compiled six important lessons which I believe are quite key and can impact your career aspirations positively.


Dream big and own your big dream: When he first declared his interest to run for the top most seat in America, many thought the attention seeker was back at it again with his mischief. Unknown to the world, brother Trump “had a dream”. He dreamt of being the occupant of white house and making America great again. He dreamt big and went on to work out his dream and see it come true.

In your career you must emulate POTUS elect and dream big. Set for yourself lofty goals that you want to achieve, goals that will make others stop and look at you like they just saw an alien. Then engage in a discipline of working toward the goal with persistence. Now its time to dream. Dream about one day being the CEO of the organization you are working for, dream about being the departmental leader, dream about being the authority and subject matter expert in your area of expertise. dream about being the figure that everyone in the industry will be making reference to as far as innovation is concerned. Dream big and start taking steps of action towards actualizing the dream.


Passion is a key ingredient for success: One thing that was so evident with Trump was the passion he had in what he believed he could be. The man had energy and he kept going. His amazing levels of energy trickled from his passion. I believe that his passion won over many supporters who would otherwise have abandoned him. His passion was and is contagious. It is his passion that made him withstand all challenges and difficulties he faced in the race to statehouse.

To take your career to the next level and the most highest level, you will need to incredible level of passion. Your energy and persistence will emanate from it. You must be consumed by your career ambitions that anyone spending time with you or near you can figure out what you like and enjoy doing.


Past mistakes should not be your present/future pitfalls: Well, Donald Trump has a past that no one will want let alone someone who would even dream of being the American president. His opponents including the mainstream American media used this as fooder in their campaigns against him but alas!!! Trump had a dream and his focus was squarely on the goal no matter what the past looked like. He chose to let the past be the past and spoke of what future he wanted for America. He controlled his own narrative and his present. He let the opponents talk about the past. At one point his own party planned to collect signatures from members to compel him to step down. Not Donald Trump. He stood firm and moved on and eventually won.

We all do have a past that could be stinking with failure. You could be having glaring failures and inconsistencies in your career path that sap of your confidence to move forward. Your colleagues and bosses could even be using it to remind you how incompetent you are, may be you have even been asked to consider changing your career path since you do not look like a “presidential candidate” with your current ambitions yet you strongly believe you are in the right space. Never allow past failures thrown your way to dictate your today and tomorrow. No matter how bad your career ambitions have been in the past you still can make a change and be who you dream of being.


Believe. Speak and work victory: When asked about conceding defeat to Hillary Clinton, Trump responded and said “ I do not loose”. This man knows the power of aligning his convictions to his confessions and actions. He believed in who he is and what he wanted to be and talked about it without fear. He has made his DNA read success and more success. Others saw it as being arrogant but he was just who he is, A VICTOR.

Once your dream big it’s imperative to have an unshakable belief in what you want to be. Speak about who you want to be and act whom you want to be. To achieve your career dreams you must align your beliefs, your confessions and your actions and make them one and the same. When your aspirations are at the top of a mountains,, start talking of how you will conqueror all odds to get to the top of the mountain and then strengthen this by embarking on a journey toward the mountain top. Match your ambitions and your actions the “Trump style”.


Create you own path – Break the conventional : He was labelled the “unpresidential presidential candidate” because of how he did his stuff. Trump believed in himself and he did things his way. He created his own “diplomatic style”. He showed little regard to the traditions of presidential debates, he spoke things that others could only think of but never voice, He rubbed even his own party leaders the wrong way and everyone wondered how he got to be the flag bearer. Well they wonder no more.

I’m not encouraging you to break the workplace rules. You should just create your own career path and never stick to what other think is the sure way of success. Learn to pull some moves that would even scare you. If you believe changing jobs will give you the edge you are looking for do it. Don’t listen to the baby boomer who insists you need to work for at least five years with a particular employer before you can make a career move. When a new opportunity comes up within your line of interest be bold enough and apply for it even when some think you are not qualified enough or do not have enough years of experience. Remember you only qualify for
certain positions by taking them head on. Trump was never a presidential aspirant before leave alone being a politician.


Prepare to fight really hard and fight all the way: Woe unto them that fell on his path of war. The man had a battle plan and he stuck to it all the way to the end. Trump knew his opponents would never give him the kiss of peace, He readied himself for war and took on everyone who dared him. Some got a bit ugly but he still fought anyway. His own party turned against him and he had to fight as well. President elect Trump is battle hardened and he knows how to win the right wars.

As you start to rise in you career you will encounter fights that you never ever thought existed in the workplace. Office politics will get dirty yet you will need to soldier on to the end. Some individuals that you thought were your cheerleaders will turn to be your worst tormentors. Some will look for all possible opportunities to set you up against the authorities that be. There are days that you will spend on the edge of life. You must be prepared to fight all this battles, create the right influence and move on toward you career goal.

Be wise, be knowledgeable. Know who needs to be your confidant and who needs to be in your career circle. Do not abandon
your journey simply because the battle is getting tougher, instead get tough and take on every situation albeit diplomatically.

Against all odds you are destined to succeed in your career aspirations if you take the right steps of action in a timely manner. This Trump lessons can help you fan the flames of ambition one more time and start the journey to the peak of your career mountain.

Kindly share any other career lesson we can learn from the political life and times of president elect Donald Trump even as we congratulate him for the job well done..

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