6 Smart and Powerful Questions To Ask The Interviewer or Hiring Manager

6 Smart and Powerful Questions To Ask The Interviewer or Hiring Manager
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The one question every job seeker going through a job interview is certain to be asked by the interviewer(s) is “Do you have any questions for us?”

You’ll be asked it in almost any interview. It is an opportunity given to you by the interviewer as a final chance to make an awesome impression.

This is an opportunity you should take seriously hoping that you had prepared for it long before the interview day.

It is an opportunity to grill the manager or the interviewer since they too are prepared and expect to be interviewed by you.

In order to make a last and awesome impression, there are a set of SMART QUESTIONS you should consider. This smart questions will grab the interviewers attention and portray you as a competent, curious and committed job candidate.

Some of the key smart questions you should consider asking include:

1. “Why Does This Role Matter to the Growth of the Company?”

This is a question that squarely puts the ball back into the interviewer’s court.

It shows you as a candidate who is interested in more than just what the interviewer is looking for or seeing there and then. You think about the organizations’ BIG PICTURE.

You come across as a candidate who is really interested in making an impact beyond your role whilst interested in knowing how you would fit into the future plans of the business.

This question will help you understand whether the role you are being interviewed for will be a high or low-profile position. It also gives you an indication of what’s expected of the person who fills that role.

2. “Could I Meet Some of the People I’d Be Working With?”

It may sound like you are asking too much when it’s not yet time but it still stands out as a great question for the interviewer.

By asking it, you demonstrate that you value and have an appreciation of the organizations’ cultural fit and team dynamics.

This question brings out your courage besides helping you get a sense of whether you’ll enjoy being around the people you could be working with every day.

3. “Why Has the Person in This Role Decided to Leave?”

This is a powerful question that will reveal a lot to you as a job seeker in understanding whether the job in question will offer you clear room for progression.

The question will help you know whether the previous job holder was promoted to a higher level, resigned and joined another firm or simply got fired for non-performance.

If the recruiter hesitates or becomes evasive, that could tell you everything you need to know! Equally, stay alert and if you sense it’s time to move the conversation on, gently change the subject to something else or ask a new question that’s easier to answer.

4. “What Do You Like Most About Working Here?”

While you are certain of being asked to explain why you choose that particular organization/why you want to work for the company, it is very wise and smart to later on turn around the same question and seek from the interviewer why they choose or rather what they like most about working in the same organization.

This question will give you an opportunity to have a discourse on both personal and professional aspects that make the organization a great place for employee engagement.

One powerful aspect about his question is the fact that it will give you an opportunity to not only hear the verbal response from the interviewer, but also to gauge his/her true feelings about the company which gives you another indication of whether it’s the right fit for you or not.

5. “Do You Have Any Reservations About Me or My Qualifications?”

Only a confident candidate with a high self esteem can ask this question and guess what, employers are looking for such.

A question like this gives you the chance to address any concerns the recruiter may have about your fit for the role head-on, in person.

This kind of question would be ideal to help you explain gaps in your resume which would otherwise have left question marks in the mind of the interviewer.

6. “How Do You Deal With Professional Disagreements Within the Team? Can You Give Me an Example?”

This question shows a recruiter that they’re talking to a candidate who cares about team dynamics and how the same can make or break the success of its projects.

This is an incredibly useful way to find out whether you’ll be joining a team of “corporate sycophants” or whether RESPECTFUL DISAGREEMENTS have a place in the organization to ensure all avenues are explored and that company goals are put ahead of egos.

The response to this question will also give a significant indication of inter-team dynamics.

In Conclusion

To create a memorable interview experience, take time and customize the above smart questions to your scenario since the interviewer(s) will be expecting them from you and will be more than ready to respond to them.

Use the above smart questions to create valuable discussions that will help both you and the interviewer to make the right and positive decision about the role.

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