6 Worthwhile Personal Investments You Must Make To Enjoy Your Life

6 Worthwhile Personal Investments You Must Make To Enjoy Your Life
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You only live once and if done well and intentionally, once is enough. Certainly you have heard the saying more than once.

We all want meaningful and worthwhile lives here on earth. We want to spend on things that will make up happy and enjoy every moment of living.

Inorder to have a fulfilled life, you need to intentionally spend (not overspend) on things that matter, so that you can ultimately get the experiences you really want.

To achieve this, here is alist of some of what I consider as sensible things to spend on so that you can realise your dream life.

1. Travel

It is a great thing to learn about new cultures and places but it another level of experience to actually travel to those locations and experience the cultures firsthand.

The exposure and thrill you experience can never be captured in words enough to describe them.

Take time off your busy schedule and visit a local or international destination and just appreciate nature and culture. It is a great life experience.

2. Things that make you feel awesome

The world has billions of stuff that we always wish we had, however out of the many things, there are quite a few that just make us feel so good and great about ourselves.

To have a meaningful life, you need to invest in some of this things that make you feel ten out of ten. They may never strike any melodious chords with other people but they mean a lot you.

It may be as simple as a particular dress. Since you only live once, give yourself that sweet gift and buy that stuff.

3. Education

To make your life worthwhile you must be a perpetual learner. If you stop learning then you make “your universe” come to a stand still and later crash out of relevance.

Invest your money in relevant literature that makes you click and tick in your field and general life.

Don’t just buy books for the sake of having them. Buy and read. Enlist for online courses, network and learn more about the world around you.

A physical visit to the local library might be both physically and mentally therapeutic.

4. Health and Wellness

Your productivity is a direct function of your wellness. Your well-being is worth spending on. Spend time and money to keep your physical faculties in shape.

You probably don’t need a gym membership but if you know yourself well and you know you thrive on group workouts, maybe a membership is worth splurging on for you.

Learn what keeps you feeling good, and spend on what makes sense for you.

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5. Experiences with your loved ones

Memories with loved ones are priceless. If there’s something you’ve been really wanting to do, save for it.

Engage in free or cheap activities, but spend for the really memorable experiences.

6. Non-negotiables

We all have this small or rather little things that just bring us joy and other people may never just understand why.

Could it be some ice cream at Cold stone or some morning coffee at Java? What little things bring you joy?

It is so important to use your money wisely while living you life enjoyably.

If coffee makes you happy, spend the few bucks on it in the mornings. You don’t need society’s approval for the joy-making purchases you desire to have.

Figure out what is non-negotiable for you. Then save on the things that don’t matter as much to you.

It’ll all even out, as long as you’re intentional about where you’re spending and where you’re saving.

Investing in yourself will always pay off.

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