7 Powerful Signs You Will Be Successful

7 Powerful Signs You Will Be Successful
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Talking to great sports and career coaches, it is not uncommon to hear them point out certain sportsmen or clients as having a very high likelihood of being very successful.

Ever wondered what the respective coaches saw in Lebron James, Tiger Woods, Steph Curry, Victor Wanyama, Lionel Messi, Christiano Ronaldo, Steve Jobs etc

All the above mentioned have one things in common. They are/were super successful in their different fields.

Well! Success is not magical and just like heavy rains that are about to pound the earth, it does start announcing its possibility in no uncertain terms.

Be it in sports, workplace, entrepreneurship or just the day to day life, it is very possible to spot individuals who are highly likely to be super successful in their fields. You could also pick out signs and symptoms of success in your own life.

The following seven signs are quite powerful predictors that you are journeying on super success highway:

1. You are Super competitive

If you are on the success trajectory you will never settle for the second best. You know of one thing only; being the best in the game. Anything less than being at top of the field is never welcome. Do you Nights are always spent reviewing and planning on how the top spot should be reclaimed immediately.

When given a project, you burn the mid night oil to ensure you not only present the best outcome but that you are also the first. You believe that only the winner is feted. You are not in the game or race of life just to participate, you badly want to win and winning you must.

Does competition come naturally to you? Do you get disturbed when you loose at anything in life? Do you sometimes find yourself questioning the sanity of your team members who are not competitive?

If you are ear-marked for great success, every new day brings a new challenge and it is only well lived if all odds are conquered and you walk hoomewith the trophy of victory.

Have you seen one who competes with others at almost everything whether it is school, work, shopping, sports, likes on social media or almost anything else that could be made into a competition. Well that person (if it is you) is walking the path whose destiny is success.

2. You always finish projects

If you are on the path to success,  then you have a strong belief that whatever need to be done must be completed on time. When you pick on a project, you work round the clock to complete it. When you start reading a book, you turn every single page and devour the knowledge till you get to the back cover.

No matter what, you are passionate in delivering a complete project or assignment irrespective of the level of significance. You always give it your 100%.

You believe all boxes of life must be ticked and you have nurtured self-discipline in order to complete your tasks. You have also learnt to minimize your time consuming habits and every available time you get, you always commit it to the project till it’s done.

To you whatever is incomplete deserves no credit at all.

You life mantra is “at the end of the day, we’re judged by what we accomplish”.

3. You are surrounded by more successful people

You are a sum total of the people you surround yourself with. Successful people know this secret thus they ensure they have more successful people around them.

If you on the path to success, then the people around you tell a big part of that story.

If you surround yourself with people whose level of success and achievement you admire, people who are way better than you, then you have a strong sign of success as well.

By having successful people around you, you hear and learn a lot on how to navigate the path of greatness. The opposite is also true.

So to be certain that you are on the right track, take a look around and count how many super successful people form your network.

Success is contagious thus you must be in an environment where it is prevalent in the atmosphere in order to catch the “success flu” because your circle must out-earn you for you to learn from them.

4. You are always thinking

It is said that the toughest job is to think. It is easy to pick out someone who’s mind never stops working.

People journeying toward success are critical thinkers. They see something and try to interpret or understand it in different perspectives. They are always trying to figure out the third side of the coin.

Are you the type that questions almost anything?  Are you able to correlate ideas and thoughts and create patterns and meanings  from the same? Is the door of your mind always open?

If you are always thinking and looking for options and alternatives to solve problems and offer solutions then you are on the right path of success.

5. Credible people approve of your journey

In our lives we have people who are and have authority over us. Such individuals have a third eye with which they can tell whether we are on the right track of success or not.

This could be your office boss, the company CEO, your parents, coach and /or mentors, your pastor etc.

This credible guys have spent time with you and understand your strengths and weaknesses. They know whether you are a thinker or not. They know if you are the type that completes tasks or not. They can tell how hungry you are to succeed.

If all the above mentioned can in one voice say they see you going places, then you better know they have seen the seed of greatness in you through their third eye.

6. You never stop learning

No education is ever wasted and the successful people and those on the same path understand this. That’s why they’re always challenging themselves and learning something new.

Are you the type that get curious with new knowledge? Are always looking for the new relevant book in the bookstores and online?  Are you a perpetual student of life wanting to get better at everything you do?

A constant desire to learn more and be better is a sure sign of one on his/her way to greatness in whichever field or industry you are in.

7. You are very obsessive

Sometime the mind and actions of a successful person gets into everyone’s nerves. They must have what they must have and will stop at nothing to get it.

Have you thought of a new business idea and executed it? Have you admired a woman and went after her? Have you wanted a new position at the workplace and worked for it besides making a demand on the same (sometimes to the dislike of your boss and  colleagues). Have you drafted your bucket list and are on your way to accomplishing every item despite the odds and thoughts from people that you could not make it? Have you wanted a certain lifestyle and figured out how you will attain it?

Well that just demonstrates you depth of obsession and the fact that you are wired that way. Success only comes to those who want it  and want it badly to go for it.

If you have a greater percentage of the above traits then be certain you are on the path of success and should keep working and learning everyday so that one day someone else will have you as part of their successful network and learn from you as well.

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