7 Reasons Why It’s So Cool To Work For A Startup Business

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You are done with campus and you got several job offers. You must be among the few lucky Jones’s for jobs to come your way pretty fast. Now, you have a choice to make on which path to take to kick start your career since one of the offers you got is from a startup business while the other one is from a well-established corporate.

Here are some reasons why you should ditch the reputable brands’ offer and instead opt for the startup job.


1.  You will take full charge of your role
Startups are known for having small team with each member being the expert in their field. This means you will run end to end programs since you will have no luxury of consulting someone else in your team. You will probably be the only person with the skill set that you have and tackles problems the way you do. You will be the SUBJECT MATTER EXPERT for the whole organization.

If you work with a start up as a social media executive, you will probably end up running every small and big roles within the scope unlike in the big corporate where someone else would be reviewing your role.


2.  You will learn from the best and the entrepreneur
In a startup you will have room to grow and the ability to learn novelties. Beside you will have the opportunity to learn from the startup entrepreneur and this could be the experience you just need especially if you have a dream to one day own your business.

Because startup staff works closely together, you’ll watch and learn how decisions are made at the top, how clients are managed, and appreciate how day-to-day business matters are handled.

Startups have this very powerful and infectious drive and energy which could also be a strong driver in giving you the right push into your own entrepreneurial space.


3.  You will get unique growth opportunities 
The opportunity to learn and grow early enough in your career is a powerful motivation that a startup business will definitely offer. In this environment, you develop new skills and do things you wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do elsewhere

Working at a startup will offer you a unique reward; an incentive-based system that isn’t based solely on money, but rather in skills attained and opportunities seized. The experience will outweigh the pay cut you will forego at the big corporate. It’s a sacrifice that will pay back soon.


4.  You will have a flexible environment
The startup atmosphere is typically much more laid back than corporate offices in terms of dress code, employee hierarchy and rules.

Since startup teams are much smaller in size, you will soon be working with a close-knit group of people who quickly become more like family than co-workers.

In a startup, open communication and exchanging ideas and problems is the norm, so you can skip all the corporate bureaucracies.


5.  You will wear many hats.
Beside a myriad of opportunities and being the subject matter expert, you will have the opportunity to wear a number of hats in a startup business which is very hard in a well-established corporate.

You’ll be asked to take on different tasks and roles outside of your traditional job description. Although this could mean extra stress and long hours, it also means you’re adding skills to enhance your resume in the long-term.

Startups do evolve and change quickly as the business grows. Purpose to do a great job when you start with the company, and you’ll probably see your role evolve into a promotion sooner than you expected.


6.  Your input will be recognized
One downside of reputable corporates is that an individuals’ hard work could easily go unrecognised or someone else would steal the glory and get rewarded for it. Not in the startup world

Because of the small sized family nature, every significant input is recognised almost immediately and celebrated. There is a genuine positive concern to celebrate achievement.

Similarly it is easy to notice when something has gone wrong. This is positive since the error will be brought to the fore right on time to be resolved by the whole team. In a big corporate you may realise a mistake was done only when the individual is already gone and clients are complaining bitterly.


7.  You develop a sense of ownership and hard work
Working at a startup means that you and your small team are the only people responsible for your success and failures. This cuts you off from relying on others to provide for you. You will undoubtedly tap into skills and determination that you never knew existed within you.

At a startup, that natural wish to be self-sustainable is magnified and multiplied, triggering the do-or-die attitude that is often the difference between success and failure.

No matter where you go after your stint at a startup, that need to be self-sustainable, and the skills you picked up to make that possible, will power everything that you do.

Once you’ve created something of your own, something tangible and whole, something you can touch, feel, or use, you really begin to appreciate personal ownership and develop a deep sense of pride.

For those who are continuously creating for someone else’s benefit, it’s difficult to understand the great importance of personal ownership and the liberty needed to pursue that ownership.

A startup workplace is a great place to start your career journey


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