7 Things You Should NEVER say to your Employees

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Business leaders should be sensitive. They should realize that their whole team looks up to them. By leading by example and being cautious of the statements you make, you will get more out of your staff.

Here are some phrases that will only make your employees counterproductive and you should desist from.


“You are lucky to have a job.”

No one is lucky to have a job but you if you feel your business runs on luck. If it is not working out well with an employee, try to be professional and deal with the issues at hand. It doesn’t show leadership to believe your employees are indebted to you.


“I am the boss.”

As a leader you do not have to be imposing. Your company is not a barracks where autocracy rules. A leader encourages and motivates. No one loves to work for an organisation that does not respect their commitment level.


“You are the only with issues.”

Isolating your staff by making such a statement makes them feel alone. Just because no other person has come forward to make a complaint doesn’t mean everyone is content. It is better to seek for a solution, if it’s a shared problem, and get everyone involved.


“I don’t have time for this.”

This statement doesn’t show respect to your staff. It makes them feel that what they are doing is not important. As the boss, it is your job to make time rather than rejecting your employee’s request for time. Try and make yourself available at a specific time to listen to whatever your employee has to say. When you do this, you will earn the respect and confidence of your employees.


“This is how it has always been done.”

It is your job as the employer to seek out new ways to solve problems. By empowering your staff to be open and discuss how to improve is a way to breed creativity in the workplace. Instead of rejecting an employee’s idea, it is better to either discuss it with the employee or try out the idea.


“If you don’t like it, you can leave.”

Your employees should feel comfortable when they approach you. They shouldn’t be presented with the fear of losing their jobs. Threatening an employee with losing his job is not a way to get him to do what you want. Instead use your leadership skills to motivate employees and deliver results.


“This is my company.”

Yes, you may have built the business into an enterprise, yet you would not have done it without your employees. You won’t be much of a leader if you do not have any willing followers. You should stop trying to throw your weight around and make your employees feel appreciated.

The tone with which you speak also means a lot, and sometimes the circumstances under which you speak. When the boss speaks be it good, bad or ugly, people pay attention and it says a lot about your personality. You don’t have to nag or scream about everything. You should give employees some slack at times. We are not all perfect.


Courtesy of career addict

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