8 Danger Signs That You Have A “Dead End Job” Situation

Dead end job situation - The Platform101
Dead end job situation - The Platform101
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You passed the job interview and secured that new job, Praise God!!. You went ahead and threw a small party for your friends to celebrate the new career path opening up for you. The reporting day came and there you were; the new kid in the block oozing with optimism and daring to go. You were ready to put your skills to good use and deliver value to your new employer like it has never been seen. You were ready to create an impact!!

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. After some few months or years into the jobs that once kept you on the edge of innovation and creativity, you suddenly come to a screeching halt of realization. The future does not look so bright.

Certain things have been happening and as a result you are slowly developing a feeling of a stunted individual. You realise that your job no longer offers any direct progress to your goals, now or in the future.

You may just have hit on a dead end job. This realization could be chilling. You do not see any light at the end of either the short or long tunnel. However before you go further, it is important to scrutinize keenly for these signs that would confirm to you your worst fears

1. Your boss has no idea about your career goals
Imagine you have been walking in and out of that office every other day and then one day while in a meeting with your bosses and/or supervisors, you are asked this question “can you tell us exactly what it is that you do for this business and the value it brings.?”

Does your boss know what you do?, does he/she know your short and long term plans and expectations as an employee? Have you in the recent past had a session with your boss to discuss your career progression and development plans?

If the responses are no, then there are high chances you are on a dead end job and your bosses don’t know and can’t figure out how they would help you grow.

Equally when you talk with your manager about your professional growth and development, he or she doesn’t listen and doesn’t care then it’s not a good sign at all.

2. You job description has remained fixed
From the time you started on the role to date (some years in between) you still do the same thing over and over again.

You have never had room for change or expansion and your personal development has taken a serious beating as a result. Even when you propose a new idea to your superiors that would change how things are done, the response is always the same, thanks but we can’t change a thing now.

You need not a prophet to declare that you are staring at a dead end job situation

3. You are no longer challenged
You realize there is a degree of enthusiasm in you toward that job that has been extinguished and you no longer feel challenged either intellectually or creatively.

From the time you started the job, you have managed to concur all available projects and whatever is coming your way now is nothing new from the previous assignments.

You had hoped to get engaged on strategic aspects of business development but all you get are loads and loads of assignment to deliver which you can do while half asleep.

Well that is quite clear that your job has hit a dead end and it’s not offering you anything stimulating.

4. Your ideas are ignored
You have time and again offered serious business suggestions to your superiors who have equally been consistent in turning them down.

You probably shared the same ideas with your colleagues who just didn’t seem interested.

This is a clear sign that your input is not valued and it ties squarely to your current role which the leadership may not be seeing it’s value at all.

Any job whose input is not valued by the organization is definitely a dead end job. You will NEVER grow by sticking to it.

5. You hate going to work everyday
When your ideas are ignored, you enthusiasm takes a beating and you keep doing the same piece of work day after day; you will certainly hit this low point of hating to go to work.

If you find yourself associating the workplace with rejection and embarrassment. If it denotes a place where no growth takes place, then your entire being is responding to the fact that you are trying to row the boat on sand rather than in the sea. Any forward movement will be a big miracle.

6. You are a lone ranger
Teams work together for a common goal and each member adds value to the process. When your ideas are routinely ignored by all and sundry you will certainly draw back from the team since you feel your input in not worthwhile.

If the business is doing great and all your colleagues are making the most of it through team engagements while you are in isolation, then it’s time to be real to self. You ain’t growing and no one is benefiting or even interested in your contribution. You have a dead end job with you.

7. You never receive any feedback or praise
Feedback is the fodder for growth and change. Praise for work well done inflates our confidence and makes us more daring and raring to go. When in your current job you realize these two components are a rare commodity then know you are perfectly set up not to grow, not to change and finally your courage will fail or has already failed. Self-doubt becomes your new identity.

A dead end job has these ugly marks since no one expects any growth in them.

8. Your company is dying
It’s important to always be on the know on how your employer is performing. You may not have access to financial records but a keen eye on the trends and workplace happenings would be a strong pointer.

Do you have more work than workers and nothing is being done about it? Have salary increases and promotions been frozen? Are creditors’ payments taking longer than usual? Are clients complaining and moving on to other service providers? Are certain departments shutting down?

No matter how good your job and bosses could be, if the company is on the oxygen mask, then soon you too will be in the career HDU or ICU. Your job is a dead end.

If all or some of these signs have become the hallmark of your current job, then you are staring on a dead end situation which calls for immediate actions to salvage your career from stunting and eventually becoming obsolete.

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