8 Fantastic Ways to Settle in to a New Job

8 Fantastic Ways to Settle in to a New Job
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You aced the interview and received a great job offer, now a new challenge and opportunity lies ahead in the name of a new job in a new environment.

A new job is similar to a new project. You must plan how you begin for you to succeed.

The first few days in a new job are crucial in building your reputation and internal relationships.

To help your navigate the path safely and seamlessly, we have compiled a number of pointers as your guide. This will help you fit into the new team and build a solid personal brand.

1. Shake the nerves

The thought of being a stranger to your new workplace can trigger some nerves.

You are coming into a totally different environment with a team that has already established their formal and informal terms of engagement. It’s natural to be nervous.

Remind yourself that all the people you are going to meet were at one point in your position. They were new to the workplace if not the job and as such most will be very welcoming.

The fact that you were offered the job implies you were liked.

Be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far and greet everyone with confidence and a firm handshake.

2. Engage with your team outside the work environment

For the people in your immediate team and those you work with on a daily basis, it will do greater good if you interact with them beyond the office walls.This will help build very strong relationships within a short time.

Do not shy away from after hours drinks, dinner, football games, networking events or in fact anything that your new work buddies attend; just get involved straight away and you will really get to know people.

Office small talk can be a little stale in the early stages of a job but if you can join in with some playful banter about your colleagues dancing at last night’s charity event, it makes things a whole lot easier.

3. Avoid carrying packed lunch

You may be loving your home prepared meal but just avoid it in the initial phases of your new job. Instead take that opportunity and grab some lunch with your colleagues

Sharing a meal with your new colleagues is one certain way of getting to understand and appreciate your their interests and the organizational values.

4. Be Generous

A small act of kindness goes a long way in warming hearts toward you. Make a few generous acts in your first week to ensure people warm to you.

You could carry a box of chocolates and share with your team. Just remember everyone loves a little treat now and then.

5. Ask Questions

You may be tempted to feel that asking too many questions may irritate your colleagues. To the contrary your silence may be more detrimental.

While you should definitely try to use your initiative to solve problems in the first instance; you shouldn’t suffer in silence for hours or carry out a task without knowing the proper process.

Your new colleagues are there to help and they will certainly be waiting to hear questions from you seeking their guidance on certain issues.

6. Meet as many people as possible

If you learn that you will be interacting with a person regularly in your new role, then you should meet them face-to-face and introduce yourself.

You don’t want to become “that person in HR who emails me every week”; you should aim to be a known face in the office who people know and respect.

Cultures will be different in every company but whether you just pop over to someone’s desk, grab a coffee with them or book a formal meeting; you need to be asking what extra you can do for them to make yourself a more valued member of the organisation.

7. Get stuck in

Once you grasp the basics of your role and have become self-sufficient in the day-to-day running of your responsibilities, you should really be reaching out to your direct manager and asking to take on extra duties.

These will differ greatly depending on your industry but it could be anything from alleviating your manager from some of their less important duties, to starting your own initiatives to increase efficiency.

This will give you the opportunity to learn new skills, gain valuable experience and also raise your profile within the business beside increasing interactions with more senior figures.

Beware of opportunists who may try to “dump” tasks on you simply because they find them unappealing.

8. Deliver well on your key role

Amidst all of the networking and innovating, try not to forget the original function you were employed to carry out, that role for which you were given a job offer.

It’s great making high profile connections and presenting exciting proposals at team meetings; but if you aren’t covering the basics, the skies will come falling on your head sooner than later.

Prior to anything, ensure that you are performing well in your core role and that you are keeping all of your key dependents happy.

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