8 Things You MUST Do Before Going for Christmas Holiday

Decorated Christmas tree closeup
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The festive season is here again and everyone’s been looking forward to it. The atmosphere is thick with celebration and the office somehow looks less formal and more toned down. The mail from the boss has gone out to all staff wishing everyone happy festivities. It also shared the dates when the office will remain closed during the festive season.

It is important to have a good out of office Christmas break plan. This will ensure you have a great time with family and friends. Some of the key things you MUST PLAN to do prior to leaving the office include:

1.  Clear all pending assignments
Do not proceed on the Christmas break with pending assignments. This will linger in your brain and deny you the opportunity to enjoy the refreshing time with your loved ones. Make sure all projects are up to date. Uncleared projects have a tendency of stealing your peace of mind. You do not want to proceed for the holiday yet at the back of your mind you are wondering whether the boss might just call to inquire about some report. Give it to him/her before you leave the office.

2.  Inform all your clients
Do not assume that all organizations will be closing down for the break. Some of your clients may be working through and through and will be expecting to hear from you on the assignment progress. Kindly reach out to all your clients and inform them about your office break. Prepare them to not expect communication from you for the next number of days. Find out from them if there be anything they would want prior to your break.

3.  Clear your desk
Do not leave behind a cluttered desk in the office. Clear out all stationery and paper work. Make sure your in & out trays are empty. Make your desk appealing to you when you resume work early next year

4.  Turn off work email on your mobile phone
The Christmas break is very important especially if you are planning to spend with your loved ones. It has a refreshing effect like no other. You do not want unnecessary adrenaline rush moments caused by the office mails some from sources you don’t like so much. Turn off the office mail from your phone and set a reminder to re-set it once you resume work.

5.  Prepare a return to work plan for January
It’s important to prepare yourself mentally on how you are going to kick start the coming year upon your return to office. You want to hit the ground running – not sit down at a desk with an empty calendar and a million emails. Having an action plan to crack on with upon your return will save you time fumbling around trying to remember who you are and what you do.

6.  Avoid doing dumb stuff during the end year staff party
Take it easy and remain yourself as you go out in the evening to enjoy the staff party. Don’t go absolutely off the charts and do embarrassing things, that’ll make you leave the office feeling paranoid! No one wants to be ‘that’ person who gets talked about.

Don’t get too carried away with holiday excitement and party mood. Let not your party actions haunt you through the break. Don’t do things that will make you detest the office re-opening day. Choose to stay professional.

7.  Plan to leave the laptop in the office
Carrying the laptop home or wherever you plan to spend your holiday, leads to a high likelihood of you doing office work or even responding to office mails. Avoid this at all costs and give yourself and/or your loved ones your quality time off. Clear all pending assignments and leave the laptop in the office. Believe me, you will not die for not carrying your work machine with you.

Those working in the big four know how hard it is to leave behind the laptop. It is still possible if you purpose and plan well. I’m praying hard for you to get a breakthrough in this area.

8.  Put on the holiday ‘’helmet’’
One reason you have been successful at the workplace is because you always have your mind set on your job. You give it your best every day.

To enjoy this short break, switch off your mind from the office and ignite the holiday universe in your brain. Take it easy, plan to spend wisely on some great destination, call on friends and relatives early and invite them for some nyama choma in your hood. Plan to fully engage in holiday activities and nothing else.

Then take off for the holiday without looking back and have a merry Christmas and a blessed 2017

Always remember, when the Christmas holiday mood itches, then scratch it and scratch it well.

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