8 Incredible Qualities of Great Managers

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Are you are a manager? Then it is important to realise that people follow you because they must. The organizational structure has placed you in a position where you have people looking up to you for for guidance, productivity and growth.

On the other hand you should also realise that you have a tough responsibility of attaining results through people while helping them to keep their motivation “red-hot”

In order to succeed in this tough role, you must to nurture and acquire the following qualities of that will make you stand out of the Managerial pack.

1. Expect excellence

It is important for as a manager to set high yet realistic standards, and expect your team to meet them. Ultimately, the best managers are not those who are the nicest or the toughest, but those who get things done and demonstrate tangible results.

Once employees understand that a manager expects excellence—not only their own, but that of others—they will likely begin to up their game and perform better.

2. Communicate regularly by providing meaningful feedback in real time

At first, communicating effectively may sound a bit trite, but it is fundamental to sound management. The best and strongest managers are those who are excellent communicators.

The ability to provide both positive and negative feedback is a core skill and competency for managers.

Never wait for that “opportune” moment to surprise your team members with poor performance feedback when they have been working with you throughout the year. Learn to address issues as they arise.

3. Don’t avoid conflict, but deal with it directly and fairly

Every professional knows that the workplace is a breeding ground for conflict. Issues like compensation, interpersonal problems, cost-cutting, recognition, management-employee relations, layoffs, and many other points of conflict are bound to arise. There is never a shortage of molehills to create mountains out of.

Though it is tempting to turn a deaf ear, the best managers do not avoid conflict and instead address any issues that arise fairly.

Develop your conflict management skills and learn to make the best out of every situation.

Employees are more likely to show more respect to those managers who resolve issues immediately than those who ignore the problem or don’t act quickly.

4. Be open to new ways of looking at things

Adaptability, flexibility, and being attuned to their environment are some of the qualities of a good manager. You should always look for new opportunities by listening to what others have to say.

It is important to be a good listener, no matter your role.Being a manager does not mean you have the monopoly of progressive ideas.

That said, it’s not uncommon for, the best process improvement ideas to come from employees who are relatively low in the organizational hierarchy. As a good manager you should never be afraid to shift from the usual “This is the way we’ve always done it here.”

5. Accept that you still have a lot to learn

Once you have attained a management position, your learning gap increases even more than ever before. Unfortunately some managers sometimes forget that they are in the process of learning, too.

You may have expertise in your field with years of experience, but keeping your mind open to new ideas is important.

Professional advancement is fueled by a constant learning process—and once as a manager you accept this and set a continuous improvement as a standard, you will become a better manager than before.

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6. Set a good example

Demonstrate what you demand from your team. The same professionalism, commitment, and dedication that you require from your juniors need to be upheld by you first and foremost.

If as a manager you have an insular mentality, you will struggle to understand subordinates and face difficulty in making them abide by the rules.

Learn to “show not just tell”

7. Be decisive

It is important that as a manager you learn to make decisions and stick to them. Employees are generally not comfortable with someone who constantly changes their mind on issues.

A confident manager is one who does not fear being wrong. The best managers use bad situations as learning curves and as examples of what not to do.

Employees are generally repelled by those employers who are in denial of the repercussions of the decisions that have been made by them.

8. Be patient with yourself

Being able to develop strong skills in leading and managing people and self takes time. Keep in mind all of the above tips. Talk to more people who have been in the role, and learn from them. This will improve your skills as a manager.

Don’t be too rushy with yourself. Being a manager is like baking bricks in a kiln and not warming food in a microwave.

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