Answering The Interview Question – How Would You Describe Your Boss?

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During the job interview session, you are bound to be asked a series of what would be considered tricky questions. These are interview questions which one might consider either undercutting or unfavorable. Apart from being asked to talk about one’s weaknesses, you will definitely not escape the question where the job interviewer will ask you to describe you current boss especially if you are considering changing careers.

One would love to know why you need to describe your boss to your next potential employer. The reason for this kind of question is basically to gauge you level of comfort in and evaluating one’s experience at the current job place or position.

In tackling this tricky interview question, diplomacy should be the key word. As much as your present employer may be close to ‘’hell’’, you definitely do not want to paint that picture to your next potential employer. It may just be misconstrued that it is you who has an attitude issue with your boss. Dissatisfaction with your boss may also be a negative portrayal of frustration and desperation to get the new job you are being interviewed for and certainly this will negatively affect your candidacy or worse still your salary package negotiation.

To successfully tackle this interview question you will have to paint a positive picture of your boss and describe his/her technical and behavioral competence which worked well in propelling the team to its dream levels.

You could describe the boss as a professional individual with a personal touch to work place matters. If possible explain how the personal touch was possibly acquired and its significance in team success. You may explain that he/she has risen through the organization ranks to his/her current role thus has a good understanding of the company’s culture and individual needs. Bring out positive elements of a great team leader in your boss and good communication skills and possibly show how this has enabled his/her team understand whatever has been expected of them with no ambiguity.

It is imperative to explain how your boss has personally affected you positively. You may explain that he/she has motivated you to always think differently and come up with new ideas. Describe him/her as a person who always delivered to you timely and constructive feedback and had a classic way of passing across very tough pieces of information without severing relationships. Show your boss as someone who always set, changed, evaluated and monitored work goals with the aim of working towards the organizations greater goal. Never forget to mention that indeed you have learnt quite a deal from his/her leadership.

How you describe your boss may just be the foundation that you may be setting up for the next potential employer to build on you and take up a team leadership role in your new assignment. By describing your boss positively, you will definitely be revealing the kind of leadership style you appreciate thus setting yourself up for the best role. Learn never to shoot yourself on the feet by offering a negative description of your boss.

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