Answering The Interview Question – Tell Me About Yourself

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Interviews are always an “interesting” part of the job search process. Sometimes you attend a session and you feel like you did it justice while in certain instances you leave the interview room wondering what exactly was the interviewer interested in.

As you prepare for the interview session, many thoughts will always flash through you mind as you try to think through the questions you believe the interviewer will throw your way and possibly prepare the best possible response to it.

You may not know all the questions that will be directed to you; however one question is certain to come at whichever level of the interviewer journey. Whether it is the first interview session where you are just interacting with the HR team or the recruiter and the line manager of if it is the final session where you possibly could be facing the organizations’ senior most team members, you will certainly be asked “THE TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF” question

This question does not invite you to start giving your life history or to recite you resume to the interviewer since they already have it. Instead it is an awesome opportunity for you to pitch to the interviewer why you are the best candidate for the role in question.

To address this interview question, I will recommend a simple three part formula; “the Present”, “Past” and “Future” approach


Start by explaining your present role and skills or competencies. That is where you are right now. This gives the interviewer a context to understand the past.


Then proceed by sharing a little bit about the experiences you’ve had and the skills you gained in previous positions or roles you’ve held.


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Conclude by explaining or demonstrating why you are excited about the role at hand. It is the future that you are eyeing with lots of hope.


So, if the interviewer asks you “tell me about yourself,” you could reply:

“Well, I’m currently a Talent Manager at XYZ , where I oversee all talent related matters from strategy development, execution and evaluation.(present)

Prior to that, I worked as a departmental Human Resource Business Partner with an International NGO where I oversaw and executed end to end programs of all HR functions for the team. (past)

And while I really enjoy my current role I feel I’m now ready for a more challenging assignment which is why I’m so excited about this opportunity “(future)


Remember as you respond to bring to the fore the experiences and skills which are relevant to the role at hand and the company at large.

All the best in your next interview even as you share this advise with a friend through the social media handles above


Authored by Stephen Ogolla

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