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5 College Degrees That Will Be Extinct In 20 Years

Do you remember when futuristic movies would show a future full of robots? Well, that future isn’t so far away. The robots are coming,...

5 Unique Instances When It’s Worth Staying In A Toxic Workplace

You already know a toxic workplace can make you miserable and impact your health and well-being. But when you enjoy the work that you do,...

Nike HR Managers Condoned Sexual Harassment by Ignoring Complaints from Female Employees for Years

Women working at Nike’s Oregon headquarters had repeatedly complained to human resources managers about demeaning treatment and sexual harassment. They reported male supervisors who...

The Simple Phrase LinkedIn’s Head of Recruiting Uses to Grab Candidates’ Attention

As a recruiter, you've likely had the experience of having a candidate “go dark.” Maybe they didn’t call you back or they failed to...

What Is Your Expected Salary? Answering That Strange Job Interview Question

You should not answer this question. I'll give you a scenario that is likely to happen. An interviewer asks about your desired salary, and you...

Do You Need Work Experience For Entry Level Job?

Recent report (March 2018) by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) indicate that the largest unemployment rate in the country was recorded in the...

4 Ways to Prove Your Worth During a Restructuring

Job redundancy process always creates a feeling of in the workplace.Worse still if the restructuring is not handled well and people don’t understand the...

The Magical Lunch – Organizations Adopt M-Kula to Boost Staff Productivity

Over 60 companies across major Kenyan cities have embraced an innovative digital lunch scheme for their staff in a low cost arrangement hailed as...

What to Do if You Suspect Your Boss is Stealing Your Ideas

There are lots of potentially difficult situations that arise in most workplaces—anything from annoying coworkers, to incompetent people on a project team, to having...

5 Reasons Why Your Super Talented Staff Want to Leave

Imagine being in a situation where that star employee that you cant imagine running your business without wants to leave. And you’re sitting there...





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