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What the Colors of Your Job Interview Clothes Convey

Preparing for an important interview means researching the company and making sure you have smart responses to anticipated questions. It also means being strategic...

Three Areas You Must Research Before Your Interview

The greatest career dream of every job applicant once you avail your job application details to the prospective employer or job recruitment agency is...

The Seven Traps to Look Out for During Interviews

You can never predict the kind of questions that you may be asked during an interview. However, it is always advisable to always prepare...

Beware; First Impressions May Deny You the Job

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) prepares a job interviewer for the kind of job applicants to expect, but nothing can substitute the face-to-face meeting of...

Nine Point Smart Advice For a Successful Job Interview

The job interview could be the hardest thing some people will have to pass before getting employed. The stakes are quite high, and the...

Eight Powerful Tips For Phone Interviews

With the speedy revolution in the technology and communication universe, employing entities haven’t slackened in embracing the same to their profit in terms of...

Five Steps To Upgrade Your Professional Brand

When a company’s product becomes obsolete, they improve it. They keep the parts and qualities their customers love, and replace what wasn’t working so...

Lies That Employers Tell Candidates

It’s no secret that everyone is guilty of telling white lies. In most cases, we do it because we believe it benefits the recipient....

5 Career Lies to Stop Telling Yourself

It’s sad that many people get up and go to jobs they hate. What’s even sadder is that many people are afraid to make...

Keep Them; Don’t Lose Them

When a company experiences a high turnover rate, it more often than not affects the business. However, when you begin to lose great talent,...





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