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Strategic Placard Displays – Is This the New Secret of Getting Jobs in Kenya?

  Getting a job in Kenya is slowly becoming a nightmare. In order to survive the axe of unemployment in Kenya, one needs to be...

Interview Preparation: Tips You Need To Have A Successful Experience

  In job interviews, most people rely on common interview questions. But, when it comes to the tough, unexpected questions they fall short. An interview...

5 Key Things Employers Want to See in Your CV

  Your CV is designed for this sole purpose and nothing else: to get you an interview. This means one thing to any job seeker;...

6 Important Career Lessons We Can Learn from Donald Trump’s Victory

  We all know him by now. He came, he dreamt and he conquered. He is trending across the global social media space because of...

How To Slap Your Boss Without Being Kicked Out

  You’ve been late meeting a client’s deadline for the third month in a row because a colleague hasn’t given you the information you need...

Kenya Industrial Estates Massive Recruitment & Talent Search Is On

Kenya Industrial Estates Ltd was established in 1967 to champion the development of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) throughout the country with specific...

7 Job Search Hacks You Should Know

By now you’re probably familiar with the hard-and-fast rules of the job search. Rules pertaining to elements like the best websites to look for...

Answering The Interview Question – How Would You Describe Your Boss?

During the job interview session, you are bound to be asked a series of what would be considered tricky questions. These are interview questions...
10 Things You Should Never Say or Ask During Your Job Interview

Answering the Interview Question – Why Should We Hire You?

Probably you are no stranger to the fact that some questions during the job interview are not exactly work related, but constitute major reasons...

What the Colors of Your Job Interview Clothes Convey

Preparing for an important interview means researching the company and making sure you have smart responses to anticipated questions. It also means being strategic...





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