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Resume/Cover Letters

Writing an effective career summary

How to Write a Knockout Career Summary

If you're not familiar with the term "career summary," it's those few lines or bullets at the top of your resume directly under your...

20 Things You MUST Remove From Your Resume Today

There is likelihood you have overloaded your resume with lots of irrelevant stuff. Take time and review that important job search document taking note...

4 Things You MUST Include in Your CV As a Fresh Job Seeker...

There is nothing that irritates fresh job seekers like that portion of a job advert that asks for xx number of years of work...

6 Key Areas You Must Update To Save Your CV From Extinction

Job searching has never been a child’s play. You send out all the relevant documents to the prospective employer, get invited to interviews but...

Just How Long Should Your Resume Be?

As an experienced job applicant or a first time job seeker, the question of how long your resume or CV should be will always...

10 Points You Must Consider When Drafting Your CV

1. Include cover letter with CV In all CVs and resumes that you write, ensure you include a cover letter which summarizes your application and...
Creating IMPACT on your CV - The Platform101

12 Power Words You MUST Use In Your CV To Stand Out

Do you remember the English lesson where you were taught about Parts of Speech including verbs? They were described as action words. As a job...

5 Key Things Employers Want to See in Your CV

  Your CV is designed for this sole purpose and nothing else: to get you an interview. This means one thing to any job seeker;...





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