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Six Powerful Ways to Stand Out at Work

Great employees spend the majority of their time helping other people succeed: Their company, their employees, their customers and vendors and suppliers... the list...

4 Pieces of Advice from One Working Mom to Another

Since the greatest gift you can give a working mother is time, I will spare you a long introduction. After reflecting on the one-day-a-year mothers...

Why Work Friendships Go Awry, and How to Prevent It

Chances are that you spend between a third and a half of your waking hours each week at work. As a result, your relationships...

How to Say No to Anyone (Even a Good Friend)

It was the kind of email that makes your shoulders clench uptight, right by your ears. A friend—not a super-close one, but one I respected...

16 Smart Ways to Survive Office Politics

Regardless of the industry that you’re in, you’ll be sure to encounter some form of office politics at some point in your career –...

Being Stupid Can Be Good for Your Career

New hires enthusiastically hope their new jobs will give them ample opportunity to put their best efforts and intellectual gifts to work. But they’re...

5 College Degrees That Will Be Extinct In 20 Years

Do you remember when futuristic movies would show a future full of robots? Well, that future isn’t so far away. The robots are coming,...

5 Unique Instances When It’s Worth Staying In A Toxic Workplace

You already know a toxic workplace can make you miserable and impact your health and well-being. But when you enjoy the work that you do,...

Nike HR Managers Condoned Sexual Harassment by Ignoring Complaints from Female Employees for Years

Women working at Nike’s Oregon headquarters had repeatedly complained to human resources managers about demeaning treatment and sexual harassment. They reported male supervisors who...

4 Ways to Prove Your Worth During a Restructuring

Job redundancy process always creates a feeling of in the workplace.Worse still if the restructuring is not handled well and people don’t understand the...





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