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How Encouraging Political Correctness Can Boost Workplace Creativity and Productivity

How Encouraging Political Correctness Can Boost Workplace Creativity and Productivity

In the past couple of days, there has been a construction of flats coming up next to where I live. In the mornings, as...
Sense of Humor at the Workplace

7 Tips to Keep in Mind When Displaying Your Sense of Humor at the...

You may not want to exactly channel your inner comedian, rattling off joke after joke at the office, but sometimes laughter is the best...
We Learn More From Technology Than From People - Millennials

9 Uncompromising Truths Every Millennial Looking for a Job Needs to Hear

So, you're a Millennial and you're looking for a job? Well, chances are you're not just looking for a job--you're looking for a particular kind...
What great bosses tell employee everyday

7 Incredible Things Great Bosses “Whisper” To Their Employees Every Single Day

Ever wondered what the best bosses whisper to their employees to get them motivated and glad to be working every single day? Here's your chance...
8 searches never to do with your office computer

8 Searches That You Should NEVER Do On Your Office Computer

As an employee, you should never be deceived into thinking that you can have your way since you have a liberal employer. No matter the...

Barclays CEO Jes Staley Under Investigation For Attempting To Unmask A Whistleblower

Barclays has announced Chief Executive Jes Staley is being investigated by two U.K. regulators regarding his individual conduct after he attempted to identify a...

12 Shameful but Avoidable Reasons That Could Get You Fired From Your Job

Through your career journey you will navigate bumps and valleys and sometimes (I pray this will be most of the time) you will enjoy...

Is Google Killing Workplace Diversity? – Tech Giant Accused of Underpaying Women

Google has been accused by the US Department of Labor (DoL) of systemic compensation disparities which has discriminated against its female employees. A US Department...

Three Strange Habits of Highly Intelligent People – Study

Research will always upset the status quo and challenge long held beliefs and thoughts in our societies. A group of American academics have decided to...
X drones

Google X Employee Collapsed on The Job – Co-workers Say Company’s Corporate Culture Is...

Google’s moonshot project division Google X, (now simply known as "X), has had one of its team members collapse on the job in February...





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