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12 Shameful but Avoidable Reasons That Could Get You Fired From Your Job

Through your career journey you will navigate bumps and valleys and sometimes (I pray this will be most of the time) you will enjoy...

Is Google Killing Workplace Diversity? – Tech Giant Accused of Underpaying Women

Google has been accused by the US Department of Labor (DoL) of systemic compensation disparities which has discriminated against its female employees. A US Department...

Three Strange Habits of Highly Intelligent People – Study

Research will always upset the status quo and challenge long held beliefs and thoughts in our societies. A group of American academics have decided to...
X drones

Google X Employee Collapsed on The Job – Co-workers Say Company’s Corporate Culture Is...

Google’s moonshot project division Google X, (now simply known as "X), has had one of its team members collapse on the job in February...

Telling Jokes at Work Makes You Appear More Confident and Competent – Study

Studies show that when colleagues laugh together, it can drive productivity and innovation in the workplace. On top of that, researchers from Harvard Business School...

4 Actions Organizations MUST Take To Stem The Expectation Alignment Dysfunction Tide

In my previous post I shared about the unfortunate workplace condition (Expectation Alignment Dysfunction - EAD) which is affecting organizations and is fast becoming...

Expectation Alignment Dysfunction – 6 Major Things That Contribute to EAD in Your Company

The other day I watched an exposé by a local media house about a fraudulent housing and land investment Sacco which had swindled money...

6 Things You Should Never Do On Your Work Computer

These days, many companies provide employees with a variety of work devices from smartphones to laptops and even tablets to complete their work with. Company...
Worker suffering from lower back pain

Is Your Office Seat Killing You?

If you have been in the office environment it's not uncommon to hear employees complaining of back or neck pains. Some complain about pain...
Employee having a good laugh in the office

Ten of The Best “Approved Workplace” Jokes

At The Platform101 we believe that all work and no laughter, makes an employee a  stressful creature. As such we got your humor schedule...





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