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Employee having a good laugh in the office

Ten of The Best “Approved Workplace” Jokes

At The Platform101 we believe that all work and no laughter, makes an employee a  stressful creature. As such we got your humor schedule...

6 Things To Consider Before Cracking Up That Office Joke

Appropriate and well-timed humor at the workplace has the power to break down barriers between colleagues and build positive connections or bonds in their...

3 Reasons Why Office Romance is Here to Stay

The juiciest of office gossips is the one about colleagues who are going out. People talk about it in cheeky and insatiable tones. Everyone...
Millenials at work

Millennials Are Struggling at Work Because of Failed Parenting Strategies

Bosses the world over are struggling with their millennial employees - they say we confound leadership, are self-entitled, narcissistic, lazy and tough to manage. But...

5 Uncomfortable & Difficult Things You Should Never, Ever Do When Sending Emails In...

People say the darnedest things in their emails. Email is taking a lot of flak lately. And why not? We're inundated with it. It's cold...
Toilet tissue dispenser with facial recognition technology

End of Road for Office Tissue Bandits – Thanks to the Chinese

While the Diversity theme implores that we learn to be accommodative at the workplace and be tolerant of each other’s diverse views and creeds,...

8 Stupid Workplace Rules That Drive Everyone Crazy

Companies need to have rules—that’s a given—but they don’t have to be shortsighted and lazy attempts at creating order. I understand the temptation. As my...

Diversity & Inclusion – Will Donald Trump Erode The Gains Made?

Right from the time he declared his intention for the senior most political position in the USA, to its realization, many (or at least...
Facebook offices

The Best 20 Global Tech Companies To Work For in 2017

According to a new report based on employee reviews posted on the job site, Glassdoor, the following tech giants have been hailed by employees...
Office sex break - The Platform101

Take Sex Breaks on Work Time, Suggests Councillor

Swedes should take a one-hour paid break from work to go home and have sex with their partners, a local councillor suggested in a...





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