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The Best 20 Global Tech Companies To Work For in 2017

According to a new report based on employee reviews posted on the job site, Glassdoor, the following tech giants have been hailed by employees...
Office sex break - The Platform101

Take Sex Breaks on Work Time, Suggests Councillor

Swedes should take a one-hour paid break from work to go home and have sex with their partners, a local councillor suggested in a...
Employee layoffs in kenya - The Platform101

12 Warning Signs That Staff Layoffs Is Around the Corner in Your Company

Layoffs are generally a response to economic factors that are beyond an employer’s control. They are about the company doing whatever it has to...

3 Signs You Had A Successful Week And You Deserve The Weekend

Not a single person whom I know hates Friday evenings. They call it members day for various good reasons and it also is a...

8 Things You Should Do When Your Boss Gets Fired

Workplace bosses have a unique position they hold in the career lives of their team members. The awesome ones take time to build and...

Biggest Workplace Irritations: Crushing Tech, Moaners and Noisy Eaters Among Most Annoying

If your colleague munching loudly on their lunch is driving you mad then you're not alone. Noisy or messy eaters, alongside moaning, were among the...

Cheeky BBC Staff Sticks Demanding Note on Office Watercooler – Colleagues Leave Hilarious Responses

There have been some issues at the BBC . The most recent concerns a watercooler. Or, rather, the temperature at which its contents is kept. A...

Keep Them; Don’t Lose Them

When a company experiences a high turnover rate, it more often than not affects the business. However, when you begin to lose great talent,...





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