Cheeky BBC Staff Sticks Demanding Note on Office Watercooler – Colleagues Leave Hilarious Responses

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There have been some issues at the BBC .

The most recent concerns a watercooler. Or, rather, the temperature at which its contents is kept.

A BBC worker recently typed “a polite request” asking colleagues to stop plugging the machine in, thereby chilling the water.

The person in question left a note asking others to comply.

The message read: “A polite request – Please DO NOT plug in the watercooler. I like my water at room temperature.

“I am fed up with having to bend over to unplug the machine, so please DO NOT PLUG it back in.”


Here’s the note


Understandably, the ‘request’ proved unpopular with co-workers at Broadcasting House in London, who responded with derision.

They couldn’t believe their colleague’s cheek.

One wrote a reply on the note, saying: “But 90 per cent of everyone else likes it CHILLED!”

And another told the writer to “get over yourself”, while a third sarcastically scrawled something about a ” health alert “.

The best response, however, was a new note, which said: “Middle class problems huh!

“With the machine plugged in and switched on the right tap is chilled water and the left is room temperature.

“This you’d realise if you spent a little less time trying to bend the entire world to your will.”

We hope the problem is rectified soon – and the worker in question manages to work out how to access room temperature water without upsetting everyone else at the BBC.

One worker, who’s worked at New Broadcasting House for the past year, added: “There is a black tap and a white tap – the black one for chilled water and the white one for ambient room temperature water – it’s not that difficult to work out.

“Whoever this person is who wrote the note obviously has far far too much time on their hands.”

I guess our Kenyan offices have more than this kind of “middle class problems”, would you mind sharing some of them on the comment segment.

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