Email Address Formats/References You Should Avoid Using During Your Job Search

Email address reference/formats
Email address reference/formats
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During your job search exercise your email address is often the very first impression you make as you apply for a job, and the very first establishment of your personal brand in the sight of the recruiter and/or hiring enterprise.

Whether the application was done via submission of hard copy documents or by mailing the soft details, your email pops out before the recruiter in a powerful way since it is the first thing one will see (especially for online applications which will soon wipe out all public sector analogic hard copy hand delivered/posted applications)

Unfortunately, many job candidates and especially the fresh graduates choose email addresses that work against rather than for them.

A strong and well formatted email address can help employers and recruiters find you fast and easily out of the huge universe of other job applicants. It saves a lot of time.

In order to increase your chances of being invited for a job interview, ensure you avoid using email addresses that conform to any of the following formats:

#1. Drinking/partying or drug references:
Avoid mails like, or

This format creates an impression of a candidate who is not to be taken seriously even if the job in question needs someone who can cordinate parties and events in an organization

#2. Sexual references:
Sexual referenced mails like, conjure up images of an obscene job seeker and depending on your gender one my assume you have a prejudice on the opposite sex.

Sexual referenced email formats will make a recruiter doubt your ability to respectfully engage with workmates or even to be the organization’s ambassador long before they even see you in-person.

#3. Professional reference:
Strike a strong positive impression by using your name rather than formatting your email address to a profession you are applying for.

Mails like,, etc do not work well in creating a memorable impression in the mind of the recruiter/hiring manager.

Referencing your mail address professionally also makes it hard and tedious for a recruiter to search you in his/her inbox.

#4. Shortened names:
You have certainly seen email addresses like Such shortened addresses do not present a professional individual before the recruiter. It could be made worse if the job in question is a senior role which would out-rightly attract candidates who are fairly advanced in age.

Shortened formats depict young individuals trying to set their first email address and trying to create an identity amongst their peers (which might not even be the case).

#5. A desperate tone reference:
You do not want to come across (even if you are) as one who is desperately looking for the job courtesy of your email address. Avoid emails like,, etc

Any serious employer will be wary of a candidate they perceive as being too desperate (as they interpret it from your email address)

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#6. Phone number reference:
Another unique but unprofessional email address format you should avoid using when applying for a job is the one with your phone number such as 0723……,

It does not add any positive strength to the image or brand which you are supposed to create in the mind of the recruiter and hiring manager.

#7. Ethnicity or religious reference:
Mail addresses such as,, have a tendency of attracting both conscious and unconscious biases from the recruiting unit.

Do not use your mail address format to expose your ethnicity or religion since it may work against you especially if the recruiter has had a bad experience that he/she can attribute to a particular religious organization or ethnic group.

Don’t rub it on his/her face through your email address.

#8. Current employer’s email:
This is the worst mistake normally done by those already working but seeking for greener pastures. Using your workplace address as your contact details when applying for the new job.

This may not hurt your chances from the prospective new employer but may expose you to your current organization since such communication can be tracked.

A mail inviting you for a job interview by the competition could be tracked by your current employer putting you in a very awkward position.

The rule of thumb is – NEVER use your current employer’s systems and tools to look for a new job. It is an affront to them.

Besides the above mentioned, you should also avoid formatting your email addresses with references such as:

  • Sports interests
  • Country/city/county names
  • Music or celebrity references
  • Nickname reference
  • Pet names reference
  • Children names reference
  • Year of birth or graduation

Have you come across what you would call an unprofessionally formatted or referenced email address or do you have some more examples that you believe should be discarded when conducting a job search? Kindly share your thoughts with us on the comment segment below this post.

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