Should a Fresh Graduate Negotiate The Salary After Getting a Job Offer?

Should a Fresh Graduate Negotiate The Salary After Getting a Job Offer ?
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You just stepped out of college with a good degree and luckily you get into minority lot who count their last step in college as their first step into the workplace.

You landed a graduate job sooner than later.

As you peruse with a lucky smile on your face the job offer letter prior to signing and accepting the deal, you realise the salary package offered by your “to be” new employer is not as much as you had expected.

As you do the mental calculations of the figures and break it down into net monthly payments, you have a big question in your mind, “Should I negotiate this salary or not?” “Will they take me seriously since I’m fresh from college?”, “Will they withdraw the offer and give it to another candidate who is willing to take the amount offered?”

Should a fresh graduate even negotiate a salary?

Being a fresh graduate landing the first job comes with it’s merits and demerits. As far as salary negotiations are concerned, it is all a matter that depends on certain factors.

If the entry level job you are being offered had a pre-set salary, then it may not be wise to negotiate for a review since the company made it clear from the beginning what they were willing and able to offer.

Sticking to the interview process to the point of getting the job offer is proof enough that you were willing to accept the pre-set pay.

However, in many instances, organization recruiting fresh graduates don’t talk about the salary in the initial stages of the hiring process.

In this case, you would need to do your homework pretty well.

Consult within your network of friends and professionals to understand the estimated salary ranges for this particular position. Also understand what the competition in the same industry offers it’s entry level employees.

This will give you an idea of what to expect beside being able to compare salary rates.

If your potential new employer isn’t matching the market rate, then, you could have some room for negotiation. However you need to have a very compelling story if you’re going to do this.

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The truth is that most if not all fresh graduates come to the workplace first and foremost to learn. This means you will need some time before you can deliver real value and build a strong case for a salary review.

So in order to engage in salary negotiation for an offer already on the table, you must give the company some very valid reasons why.

Alternatively if you still feel strongly that you need the salary reviewed but you can’t prove your worth immediately, then you can propose a six month review (instead of an annual review).

If you can prove your value during that time, then the company may just be open to paying you more money at that point.

Certain organization have clearly set review calendar or cycle thus they would rarely disrupt it for an individuals sake.

In case you get yourself with such an employer, then embrace patience and look into the professional benefits that you could get and the opportunities available to work and prove your worth within the year of execution.

Rejecting an offer on the basis of unmet salary expectation may not be the wisest decision as a fresh graduate.

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