Google Is Testing A New Job Application Management System Called “Google Hire”

Google Hire
Google Hire - Google's new service that manages job applications for recruiters
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Sorting out lists of applications is always a big task for HR persons—they have the unenviable tasks of managing tons of applications they receive every day. The task is even more daunting if you work in the recruitment department of a blue chip company where tons of applications are received every day.

Google wants to bail you out of the stress, and is now testing a new project called “Google Hire.”

According to Axios, the tech giant is working on a project that will help recruiters tackle the unenviable task of managing applications received from applicants.

Several tech sites speculate that Google Hire is a project of the company’s enterprise and cloud services division, which is headed by Diane Greene. She joined the company in 2015 when Google acquired her company, Bebop, for $380 million.

Multiple Silicon Valley and technology sites also report that the product is an applicant tracking system, designed along the lines of the company’s in-house ATS, which handles millions of applications annually. The service lets employers post job listings, then accept and manage applications.

There are only a handful of job vacancies listed on Google Hire at present, including openings at Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. subsidiary DramaFever and startups Medisas Inc. and Poynt Co.

However, it’s not possible to sign into the service or create an account via the home page at present, which suggests it’s available only as a limited preview to select customers at this time.

The website probably looks sparse because things are still evolving; but this should change once the app/service hits a global audience.

However it wont be a surprise to see Google add some features already existing in popular services like LinkedIn and Greenhouse among others.

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LinkedIn launched an almost similar service in 2016 where applicants not content with their current job can secretly make their availability known to recruiters. Called Open Candidate, the feature allows members to privately notify recruiters of their status (open for opportunities) without being exposed to their current employers.

In a research carried out by LinkedIn, the company discovered that 77 percent of professional workers are open to next available opportunity.

Moving to a new job or taking a new position has never been the issue with employees—it’s always about how not to get caught by an employer when looking or advertising yourself.

The Open Candidate feature is the perfect tool for an employee because it presents a platform to quietly wink at companies; telling them of your availability. “This is a signal to recruiters that you want to hear from them,” explained Eric Owski, LinkedIn’s head of talent brand products.

In case you want to try out LinkedIn’s Open Candidate feature, simply go to the jobs homepage on LinkedIn, choose the preferences, and scroll to the section tagged “Let recruiters know you’re open.” Switch on/off the setting to let recruiters know of your availability and that you can be contacted, complete the fields below the settings including the field and title you are interested in.

Information provided during this step will be used by employers to shortlist you for available position.

Google Hire is slightly different, but can be placed in the same category since it’s all about helping recruiters and applicants get their goals achieved.

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