How To Effectively Prepare For A Job Interview – “On The Day Of The Interview”

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The job interview day you have been looking forward to is finally here. You have given the process your best shot and started the preparations in earnest a few days before the interview. Last night you took time to refresh your mind on certain key elements that would boost your success rate. Now you are ready to go for it with lots of optimism.

On this particular day there are a few but critical things you need to do in order to continue boosting your chances of bagging that coveted role.

1.  Plan to arrive 30 minutes earlier
Wake up early in the morning and plan the day accordingly. Check out again on any traffic and weather updates that could significantly affect your commute to the interview venue.

Irrespective of the hour of the day your appointment had been scheduled; plan to be around the interview venue at least some 30 minutes to the exact time.

This is important for a number of reasons

  1. In case of any disruptions. You will still have some buffer minutes to take care of your time without getting late.
  2. You will be able to figure out right on time where the buildings’ main entrance is. Have you ever tried to access a building in a hurry only to be informed by security personnel that you are using the wrong entrance and you have to cross through a strange corridor or another street to access the main entrance to the building? It ain’t cool at all.
  3. You will manage to pick out the nearest coffee shop where you can have a cup of two as you peruse you notes and wait for the hour to come.

Do not actually arrive to the interview venue itself 30 minutes early though – you don’t want to be sitting awkwardly in their reception for half an hour. Arriving 5-10 minutes early is perfect.

2.  Pick up a conversation with a stranger
Psychologically this will put you in right shape to encounter the interviewer (stranger). Engaging a stranger boosts your social skills and helps to cool your interview nerves.

If you commute via public means, you could pick up a conversation on a comfortable, non-intrusive and current topic with another commuter. In the coffee shop, you could briefly engage the attendant. This could be simple as asking the individuals how they are.

3.  Remember you are always the best that can be
As you inch closer to the interview hour, the nerves can get the best of you. Your confidence may take a hit as well and doubt may creep in. This is the time to remind yourself of this two crucial facts;

  • The employer saw your worth thus the reason you were invited for the interview. Your job is to go and prove him/her right. So take it easy, breath in and out, take confident steps toward the venue and pat yourself on the back since you have knowledge, skills, experience and competencies that someone felt would add great value to their business. Go and showcase them.
  • It’s just another interview and if you landed this one, you could land another one too. Take is seriously; give it your best shot. Bring the best of you to the interview room and believe in yourself. However if all fails, it’s not the end of life. Many other great job opportunities abound out there and you can take another shot at them.

Hopefully the three interview guide articles listed below, have given you everything you need to prepare for your upcoming interview.

Essentially you just need to understand why you are the best candidate for the job, and present this case to the interviewer in a professional manner.

If you follow all the steps above then you will walk into the interview with 90% of the work already done.

The three interview guide articles are, preparing for the interview;

  1. A few days to the interview
  2. The night before the interview
  3. On the day of the interview
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