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What great bosses tell employee everyday

7 Incredible Things Great Bosses “Whisper” To Their Employees Every Single Day

Ever wondered what the best bosses whisper to their employees to get them motivated and glad to be working every single day? Here's your chance...
Women Are Better Managers Than Men

Women Are Better Managers Than Men Because They Tend to Have This Crucial Skill...

In a Gallup report based on over four decades of research, including the analysis of 27 million employees' responses, female managers outperform their male...

Barclays CEO Jes Staley Under Investigation For Attempting To Unmask A Whistleblower

Barclays has announced Chief Executive Jes Staley is being investigated by two U.K. regulators regarding his individual conduct after he attempted to identify a...
Boss counseling out an employee

4 Things You Must Consider as a Leader Before Firing an Employee

Leadership is a tough responsibility and it needs someone who is ready to pay the price for it to succeed. As a business leader or...

Andela Fellowship 2017 is On

Andela Fellowship is a four-year, paid Technical Leadership Program designed to shape you into an elite software developer. Through your training and work with...

Akili Dada Encouraging Young Women To Reach For The Stars

  Across the planet, a myriad of affirmative action projects have long been coming up and Kenya is not in any way different. Several groups...

Why Coaching and Mentoring is Important

  Coaching and mentoring are increasingly used mainly for professional development, to indicate a positive change in individuals and to encourage the transfer of knowledge...

6 Very Important Qualities To Look For in a Mentor or Coach

When looking for a mentor we tend to focus on finding someone who is in a high position and hope that their sponsorship will...

Helping Your Coachee or Mentee Pitch an Original Idea

  A common misconception in organisations is that it’s easy to sell a good idea. The reality, as detailed in the book Originals, by Adam...

How to Find Your Best Employees and Keep Them Around

We are often quick to judge someone's job performance. It's so terribly easy to say “He is a bad employee.” It's a little less likely...





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