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Your Comfort Zone Is Your Enemy – Khan Porter

You must get out of your comfort zone – if you want to achieve anything of significance or GROW as a human being. Your Comfort...

If You Change Yourself, You Can Change Your Life

Life is about constant, predictable patterns of change, and the only constant factor will be our feelings and attitudes toward life. We as human...

5 Simple Things We Can All Do to Ensure We Become a Success Story

There’s something about reading other people’s success stories that warms my heart. It makes me reflect on my life while inspiring me to believe...

6 Lessons You Can Learn from The King of the Jungle

Do you watch documentaries on lions? If yes, then you must have seen that they dominate their territory and are apex predators. Lions are...

7 Reasons Why Many People Give up on the Journey to Success

Almost everybody wants to achieve massive financial success; But only a handful of us manage to achieve it. In the early stages of the journey to...

How to be Successful in Your 20s, 30s, 40s and Beyond – Advise from...

When Alibaba founder and CEO Jack Ma was a young adult, he applied to over 30 jobs and got rejected by all of them....

Start Believing in Your Own Ability to Succeed in Life

We hear about people who come from nothing and rise to incredible success every day. Their stories often stick out in our minds as...
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates

Meet The Incredible 5 People Bill Gates Calls “Heroes”

Many people call Bill Gates their hero, but he says that his job is simple. "In many ways, being a philanthropist is easy," he writes...
3 Powerful Steps to Increasing Your Confidence for Good

3 Powerful Steps to Increasing Your Confidence for Good

As an ambitious person on the road to success, you know first hand how challenging it is to achieve your lofty goals. Let’s be...
31 Powerful Nuggets of Wisdom to Remind Yourself Every Every Single Day

31 Powerful Nuggets of Wisdom You MUST Remind Yourself About Everyday

Realize this:  No matter what you say and how you say it, SOME people will never get it. That's not your fault! No matter how pure...





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