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Your Confidence And Self-Worth Starts With You; Not Your Workmates Affirmation!!

The workplace is a human environment which definitely translates to human activities and its related responses and reactions. We wake up in the morning...

Muthoni Njoba: She Hit Rock Bottom in Life But Rose Again to Redefine the...

  Thirty-two-year-old Muthoni Njoba has a welcoming spirit. “I am a hugger!” she says as she stretches her arms towards me and then, in an...

I Got Fired From My Job And The Hardest Part Was Telling My Daughter

  I got to work that day, and my boss immediately called me into his office. I didn’t like the look on his face, but...

6 Important Career Lessons We Can Learn from Donald Trump’s Victory

  We all know him by now. He came, he dreamt and he conquered. He is trending across the global social media space because of...

10 Remarkable Motivational Tips For Self Improvement

Everybody has goals. Maybe you want to run that half marathon coming up in six months, or you want to finish up your degree...

Why You Need Motivation Every Morning

It was happening to me again…I just laid there. Still. Mind racing, but body stagnant. The battle had begun…Should I wake up and work...

One Hour A Day To Change Your Life

I guess you all know that scenario. You wake up, already exhausted by thinking about all the things you will have to do as...

4 Steps To Showing Up Big Everyday

Are you a business owner, freelancer or an employee trying to make your own go of it? Then you have a responsibility to yourself...

3 Surprising Secrets to Staying Motivated

Do you ever come up with an idea, get really excited about it and then find it on the chopping block in a few...





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