My Probation Is Over But No One Is Talking To Me!!!

What could be happening?
What could be happening?
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Dear Platform101

Kindly advice on the most professional approach I should take to resolve my dilemma in my new workplace.

Early this year my job search efforts yielded positive results and I secured a new job with an upcoming professional services organization in Nairobi. I started working with the firm in May 2016. I liked the new experience and opportunity to grow and deliver results in a consulting environment. The remuneration was equally good as well as other staff benefits.

My contract (permanent and pensionable) clearly stated that I would be engaged with the organization for a probation period of six months after which the confirmation decision would be made solely based on my performance. The reporting lines were and are still clear and the job to be done was also spelt out in clear and certain terms.

My probation period came to an end in the month October 2016 after which I was expecting communication from the Human Resource team on the way forward. I was quite optimistic for a positive report basing on the engagements that I handled and the feedback I received both from the clients and my line manager.

As I write this to you something strange has or is happening. Two weeks into the month of November I hadn’t received any feedback from the HR team and I thought since I was the one who needed the info, It was better to follow up on the progress.

I took up the conversation with Human Resource team who categorically informed me that they were not in position to give any progress report until they receive a go ahead from my line manager. (This sounded logical). My question then was whose responsibility was it to follow up with my line manager. As expected I was given the role.

One evening after a client engagement, I picked up the conversation with my line manager on the same issue and her response was surprising. She threw the charge back to HR and claimed they should make the decision. She went further to insinuate it’s not her responsibility to confirm or not confirm staff. I asked her (politely and respectfully of course) if she could write a brief note to the HC team okaying my performance thus giving them a basis to proceed. I even volunteered to prepare a note detailing the assignments done and how they were delivered after which she would simply review and share with the HR team. She responded and asked me not to worry. She promised to talk to the HC team leader about the same before end of that week.

By end of November still I hadn’t heard nothing to that effect but continued getting more client assignments. I enquired from HR a second time and it was an auto response, “No communication from your line manager yet”.

December is coming to a close and the whole office is soon taking brief break for the end year festivities. I’m still clueless on the way forward as far as my probation performance period is concerned. I feel uncomfortable asking my boss for a second time since she didn’t seem so enthused on that topic the last time I brought it up. I don’t know who else could intervene on this matter.

I find the whole process quite unprofessional. The HC team has taken a “sit and wait” approach yet I thought they would be proactive in prompting my line manager to give a review of my performance. My line manager promised to talk to HR which seem like she didn’t. We continue working on client assignments every day as though all and sundry is well.

Do I assume that I have been confirmed by my new employer? If so then, why have I not been subjected to the new terms and conditions which include pension deduction from my salary plus other benefits that one qualifies upon confirmation. If confirmed later will this be back dated?

Do I just continue working when we resume in January hoping the matter will be fixed?

Could I suddenly get informed in January about my not being confirmed to the role? Would this still be within the employment law?

I know certain cases where the probation period has been extended, but could this be my scenario where it’s being done silently?

I’m getting unsettled by this matter. Platform101 kindly advise…..

Kindly share your thoughts to help the reader who shared this with us.

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