The No.1 Big Mistake Job Candidates Make During The Hiring Process

The No.1 Big Mistake Job Candidates Make During The Hiring Process
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Any serious job seeker knows that making a good first impression in an interview is important. But leaving a positive, lasting impression is just as significant, if not more so.

The best way to make sure an interviewer remembers you well past the conversation is to always ask questions at the end — unfortunately as obvious as it may sound, many job applicants don’t do that.

Failure to ask questions at the end of an interview raises red flags to the recruiter.

The hiring personnel would wonder whether during the entire interview process, you never got anything of interest that you would want expounded or clarified by the recruiter about the organization or the role.

Asking questions shows that you have been paying attention during the interview and that you are eager to learn more about the company.

It is an opportunity that a job candidate cannot afford to loose.

Failure to ask questions may cause the hiring team to assume a job candidate is not being inquisitive or collaborative yet those two could be among the key attribute they are looking for in the job candidate.

As a job candidate, you could ask the interviewer the six smart and powerful questions.

This final segment of your interview can either make you a front-runner for the job or significantly hurt your chances.

In a nutshell, it’s your last chance to truly show that you were engaged and demonstrate that you are already thinking about the company’s future and how you fit into the business.

Word of caution!!

While it is important to ask question, one should be careful and wise not to bring up salary issues early on in the conversation.There’s a time and a place to bring it up.

Salary questions early on in the interview slows down the interview process and is a turnoff for most hiring personnel.

This does not mean that you should not bring it up at all. Just be wise not to make it an issue during the first interview unless if the hiring manager brings up the discussion.

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