3 Ways You Can Use SOCIAL MEDIA to Your Advantage to Avoid Ruining Your Success

3 Ways You Can Use SOCIAL MEDIA to Your Advantage to Avoid Ruining Your Success
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Social media is a double edged sword with extreme sharpness. On one edge it can help you make friends, share your life, build a network, and even build a business.

On the other side of it, it can easily and powerfully become an enemy of success as a hindrance and consumer of your attention.

It is not uncommon for individuals to get lost a number of times in a day on the social media platforms trying to catch up with everything happening around and about them.

It is imperative for any ambitious soul to be careful and avoid the social media trap that prawls around to steal and kill your productive time and eventually your lifetime success.

If you want social media to work for you, here are three ways to assure that you’re the one in control:

1. Limit your time on social media platforms

While many things that must grow and work for you in life need a lot of your time, social media is not one of them.

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To make the best use of social media and remain productive in your daily life activities, you must deliberately reduce the time spent on the juicy platforms.

Limiting your time on social media alone could save you hundreds of hours of your precious time. Those hours can then be used to get other useful things done, set goals, and go after them.

2. Have clear goals on social media

If you do not set your personal goals on social media usage, then be sure that the social media and internet giants have created some for you; to keep you hooked on their platforms and loose your precious time being less productive.

The underlying philosophy and commercial acumen behind every social media platform is to help kill your time, keep you engaged, and make you addicted to them

A leading experts on ‘Brain Hacking,’ Tristan Harris, quit his job at Google citing the manipulative strategies the internet giants was employing to keep users hooked onto it.

During one interview, Tristan talked about the ways social media rigs its platforms to keep users addicted. It’s astonishing to realize that social media is an endless arsenal of tools to keep us absorbed.

When asked about how people could curb their addiction, Tristan admitted that the cards are stacked against the user’s.

Billions of dollars are being invested in making you stay hooked and that is why you must set your own clear goals and have a timer on how you will engage with social media.

This will ensure that you are playing the game in a way that favors you and your productivity.

When you log in, know what matters most and what doesn’t. If you have clear intentions before logging in, assure yourself that social media isn’t the one in control.

It’s all too easy to follow an endless amount of silly channels and people. If you know what you’ll post before you log in, you’ll set yourself to use social media in your favor.

This simple plan of action will help keep your mind focused and on task.

3. Have a mastermind online

One way to ensure social media works to your advantage is a mastermind. If done properly, social media can be an explosive growth tool.

A great way to have a mastermind online is through Facebook. There are hundreds of thousands of Facebook groups that can help you stay focused and well supported. Each group is a virtual meetup.

Some of these groups include some of the greatest minds in certain fields. Some groups are public, and you can join just by requesting to join.

Social media can either support you or hurt you. It’s either a tool to help you move forward or a hindrance setting you back. For most people, it’s hurtful.

You can turn social media into an immensely useful tool by making friends with authority individuals who will inspire and add value to your life and career ambitions.

Decide beforehand whom to follow and have a clear plan of what you’ll be doing before you log in. This will help you to only read and watch content that feeds, inspires, and helps you.

One way to assure a group is solid is by checking to see how many people are in the group. Who’s in the group? How often are members active? Is the group focused? When you find a group that has the right mix of people, activity, and attention, it can change your life.

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This action turns Facebook into a tool. You log in, go check in with the group, ask questions, and keep yourself reminded of your goals.

By following these three simple pieces of advice, you can make sure that social media ‘Brain Hackers’ are not hacking you, but instead, you are leveraging the tool in a way that supports and delivers on your success.

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