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LinkedIn Launches Pipeline Builder; Helps Employers Engage, Capture Passive Job Candidates

Employers have been searching for effective ways to connect with passive candidates, or those who aren’t actively looking for employment, for years. Facebook likes and...
70% of Employers Are Snooping Candidates’ Social Media Profiles

70% of Employers Are Snooping Candidates’ Social Media Profiles

Scrolling through your photos from this past weekend and laughing at the debauchery of your Hangover-esque charades? Ranting about your current job or co-workers...
How To Be and Remain "YOU" On Social Media

How To Be and Remain “YOU” On Social Media

Attention is an amazing thing! It helps us know who we are and that we matter. It can be received on so many levels,...

What’s Costing You Your Dream Job? – The LinkedIn Factor

No; I am not talking about having inappropriate postings on FaceBook. Everyone is wise to cleaning up or managing visibility of social media postings...
Why Linkedin Is More Than Social Media

3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Is More Than Social Media?

LinkedIn, as many of us would relate it to as “Facebook with a Tie”. Some of us may also treat LinkedIn like Twitter, Facebook...
LinkedIn Connection Requests

Decoding The LinkedIn Connection Requests – Who to Connect With & Who to Ignore

Networking plays a huge part in the career universe world. Whether you’re trying to promote your own personal brand in the hopes of building...

Facebook or LinkedIn: Which Site Is Better for Finding Your Dream Job?

Last February this year, Facebook rolled out a new feature called Facebook Jobs. The feature allows local businesses to post open jobs and passively...
Email address reference/formats

Email Address Formats/References You Should Avoid Using During Your Job Search

During your job search exercise your email address is often the very first impression you make as you apply for a job, and the...
Facebook mobile

Too Much Facebooking Could Lead To Misery – Study

Too much Facebook browsing at Christmas - and seeing all those "perfect" families and holiday photos - is more likely to make you miserable...
Facebook jobs feature

Facebook Takes LinkedIn Head-on With New Job Postings Feature

Microsoft-owned LinkedIn might be facing its greatest threat yet with a new feature Facebook rolled out this week. Businesses in the U.S. and Canada will...





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