Stand Out and Stand Tall – The Power of Personal Branding to Your Career and Life Success

The Power of Personal Branding to Your Career and Life Success
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I believe that if you want to create the career success you deserve, you need a strong personal brand.

You must create and nurture your unique personal identifier.

You need to stand and be known for a “consistent something” and you must ensure that everything you do resonates with your personal identity.

What products come to mind when you think of great brands? Coca Cola? Safaricom? PwC? Apple? Sportpesa? There is something unmistakably that flashes through your mind whenever any of the names are mentioned.

People can be brands too: Chris Kirubi, LeBron James, Jeff Koinange, Daniel Ndambuki aka Churchill, Oprah Winfrey, Caroline Mutoko, Lionel Messi, are just but some of the strong individual brands we know in Kenya and beyond.

In fact, all of the people I’ve mentioned above are all readily recognizable by their first names. That’s the power of branding.

If you want to create the life and career success you want and deserve, you need to brand yourself too.

Your personal brand differentiates you from everyone else in the world.

Because of your brand, people will know that they can rely on you to provide them with certain kind of service or product that will help them reach their life and success goals.

They also know that they will get this service or product in a particular format which they will be able to use as envisioned in their minds.

Craft your brand

You need to spend time crafting your brand. Your brand is the two or three words you want people to associate with you.

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Decide what you want these words to be, and then go about making sure that all of the people with whom you come into contact think of you that way.

When your name comes up, what do you want people to think about?

Taking time to build your personal brand is important because nature abhors a vacuum. If you don’t brand yourself, others will.

It’s better to be in control of your personal brand by creating it yourself, than it is to let others create it for you.

If you don’t brand yourself, others will – and sometimes the brand with which you are stuck with may not be the brand you want.

The key questions

Creating a strong personal brand is simple conceptually. Ask and answer these simple questions:

  1. “How do I want people to think of me?”
  2. “What words do I want to people to use to describe me?”

Think about these questions. Take your time. Don’t settle for the first answer. Work to come up with the one that truly describes how you want to brand yourself.

Then – and this is very important career advice — do whatever it takes to make sure that other people think of you that way.

In other words act in a manner that consistently and constantly promotes the brand you’ve chosen for yourself.

Bring your brand to life

For example, if you decide that “hard working” is a term with which you would like others to associate with you, then work hard.

Do your assignments well and on time. When you finish one task, ask for another. Come early, stay late. Ask questions to help you understand the business.

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Pretty soon, people will begin thinking of you as a hard worker – “someone who does everything we ask, and then asks for more.”

Once this happens, you’ll know that you’re on your way to creating your own special and unique personal brand as a hard worker.

The important thing is to choose your brand, then consistently and constantly do the things that will build the brand that is uniquely you.

Successful people are clear on their purpose and direction in life. They commit to taking personal responsibility for their success. They are confident and competent.

The ability to create positive personal impact is one of four key competencies that all successful people have mastered.

Developing and nurturing your unique personal brand is the first step in creating positive personal impact.

Create and nurture your unique personal brand. Stand and be known for something. Make sure that everything you do is on brand.

There are two steps to building your personal brand:

  1. Figure out how you want others to think of you.
  2. Consistently and constantly act in a manner that will get them to think this way.

That’s my career advice on personal branding. What do you think? What is your brand? What do you do to consistently and constantly promote it?

Please leave a comment sharing your thoughts with us. I really appreciate you and value your feedback.

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