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How To Slap Your Boss Without Being Kicked Out

  You’ve been late meeting a client’s deadline for the third month in a row because a colleague hasn’t given you the information you need...

7 Job Search Hacks You Should Know

By now you’re probably familiar with the hard-and-fast rules of the job search. Rules pertaining to elements like the best websites to look for...

5 Career Lies to Stop Telling Yourself

It’s sad that many people get up and go to jobs they hate. What’s even sadder is that many people are afraid to make...

11 Top Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills

Whether you consciously aware of it or not, on some level you are continually leading yourself and others – you don’t necessarily have to...

Hey!!, Keep Your Social Network Profile in Order

We are living in an era where the social networks have become more of a daily need that just a “social network”. They have...

4 Major Reasons You Need Coding Skills Even If You Don’t Want to Be...

As a writer and marketer with no future dreams of becoming an engineer, I never really thought learning to code would be relevant for...

What To Do If Your Employer Asks You To Resign

What would you do if your manager asked for your resignation, or gave you the choice between quitting or being fired? Is it better...

Google HR Boss Shares His Best Advice For Succeeding in Today’s Workplace

Since Laszlo Bock became Google's senior vice president of people operations in 2006, the company has grown from a workforce of 6,000 employees to...

Ways to Improve Production as a First Line Supervisor

The first line supervisor is the person primarily concerned with keeping an assembly line moving. Success in this position depends on the ability to...





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