The Seven Traps to Look Out for During Interviews

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You can never predict the kind of questions that you may be asked during an interview. However, it is always advisable to always prepare to handle anything thrown at you.

Good preparations involves practicing and learning so as to be positive during interviews.

So which problematic situations should you anticipate?


Lack of work experience:
Most interviewers want to know what experience a jobseeker has in relation to the position they are seeking. In case you do not have relevant work experience, you can mention relevant training or workshops you have attended or volunteer work experience you have had previously.


Most prospective employers will ask you about the salary you expect to earn for the position you are being interviewed on. They want to establish whether your expectations are compatible with what they are planning to give you. Always ensure you do some research before hand to get a realistic figure.


Employment gaps:
Be ready to explain any short-term jobs or gaps in employment history. For example, you might have taken a break to go back to school, health concerns or lay-offs.


Negatively worded questions:
These kinds of questions crop up quite a bit during the interview. They can be used to reveal your strengths and weaknesses so you should handle them well. Answer them as truthfully as you can and if it is a real weakness, conclude on a positive note. For example, you could show what you are doing to surmount the challenge.


Why you left your previous job:
The main reason why interviewers ask this question is to establish your general attitude towards work, and whether you are likely to leave soon after you are hired. State honestly the reasons for your leaving.


In some cases, a job seeker may be over-qualified for the job applied for. Let the prospective employer know that you took your time before making the application. Assure him that your career aspirations are in line with the demands of the job.


Too old or young for the job:

Sometimes being too young or too old can affect your chances of securing a job. In case you fear your age may work against you, try and present yourself as positively as possible. Highlight your skills, knowledge, qualifications and experience more than your age.

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