Three Strange Habits of Highly Intelligent People – Study

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Research will always upset the status quo and challenge long held beliefs and thoughts in our societies.

A group of American academics have decided to unsettle the cool waters of long known mannerisms that described the habits of so called highly intelligent human beings.

Their research findings pointed to an interesting pattern of behaviors of habits that the conservative world or workplace would cringe at. They found out three key habits which were demonstrated or rather exhibited by all highly intelligent individuals in their research sample groups.

So if you are at the workplace, watch out for the following habits in some of your colleagues. When you see them demonstrated frequently then you need to know those human beings are highly intelligent and could be the reason why your organization is outperforming the competition.

The three include:

#1. Use of foul language is just bliss
The survey pointed out that the individuals who were able to remember the most curse words were actually the most intelligent within the sample group.

Contrary to popular belief that people who use curse words are vocabulary deficient, they are actually rich in words and have the courage to express themselves with an array of terminologies.

Do you have a boss or a colleague who has perfected the art of using curse words in the office, during meetings (even with clients) when out for team lunch, when happy, when annoyed or irritated etc. They can’t just stop and they don’t care anyway.

Well, start counting them as the intelligent assets of your organization as you watch out on their performance. They seem to know where to get the next revenues with ease.

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#2. Messy workstations are their order of the day
You might have though these kinds of colleagues are just messy with little sense of personal organization. May be not. Instead the research points out that due to their high level of intelligence, they focus on what really matters and don’t waste time on trivial matters that add no value to their lives or business.

The day you see this type of colleagues consistently putting their desks in order then just know they are idle and are looking for the pettiest and most trivial activities to keep them occupied. You might just loose them as an organization since they will be looking for more value add and challenging things to do elsewhere.

#3. Late nights is their darling
Some people are night owls, and others are morning larks. What makes the difference may be their levels of general intelligence.

Virtually all species in nature, from single-cell organisms to mammals, including humans, exhibit a daily cycle of activity called circadian rhythm. In all other mammals this rhythm is regulated by two clusters of nerve cells called the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) found in their fore-brain.

However, humans have the ability to cognitively and consciously control this circadian rhythm.

The humans who control the rhythm and make most of their contribution or rather find pleasure in night time work and activities also demonstrated high levels of intelligence.

If you have this colleagues whom you always leave in the office only to come back in the morning and find they sent you a mail at around midnight, then you got it right (according to the research). They are among the intelligent lot.

If you are the one, then you are walking along the path taken by great brains like Winston Churchill, Barack Obama, Charles Darwin, Keith Richards and Elvis Presley. They are all popular for their night time exercises.

What other strange habits have you observed among the most intelligent lot in your social circles or at the workplace? Kindly share your thoughts with us.

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