Top 20 Happiness Quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo

Top 20 Happiness Quotes (by Matshona Dhliwayo)
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1. “A heart full of joy is better than a hand full of coins.”

2. “Pebbles that bring you joy are better than diamonds that bring you sorrow.”

3. “If you go to bed angry, you have robbed yourself of a chance to wake up happy.”

4. “If the world gives you a thousand reasons to cry, find a thousand and one reasons to smile.”

5. “Don’t let anger control you. Don’t let hate enslave you. Don’t let negativity overcome you. Don’t let bitterness conquer you.”

6. “If you are angry for one second, it leaves you with only fifty-nine seconds of happiness.”

7. “Love is your greatest asset, fear is your greatest liability, and joy is your greatest reward.”

8. “Happiness cannot be bought by money, cannot be acquired by degrees, cannot be realized by power, and cannot be earned by honor; but it can be won by kindness, gained by charity, attained by goodness, and achieved by love.”

9. “Pleasure will make you happy for days. Wealth will make you happy for weeks. Honor will make you happy for years. Love will make you happy for a lifetime.”

10. “To be happy: the simple pursue pleasure, the common pursue riches, the uncommon pursue knowledge, and the exceptional pursue wisdom.”

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11. “If you want to be happy now, love now; if you want to be happy later, love later; but if you want to be happy always, love always.”

12. “The less you want, the happier you are; the happier you are, the less you want.”

13. “If you have a house but no home, you are homeless; knowledge but no wisdom, you are imprudent; acquaintances but no friends, you are lonely; money but no happiness, you are poor; and life but no joy, you are lifeless.”

14. “Joy in poverty is better than misery in riches; happiness in pain is better than sorrow in pleasure.”

15. “To achieve peace let go of: guilt, anger, and bitterness. To achieve happiness embrace: virtue, faith, and love.”

16. “The greatest profit you make in business is not money, but happiness. The greatest riches you give in life are not possessions, but love. The greatest treasures you acquire in life are not jewels, but joy.”

17. “Your clock cannot buy you more time, your bed cannot get you more sleep, your titles cannot acquire you more influence, your fame cannot gain you more honor, and your money cannot earn you more happiness.”

18. “Learn more. Love more. Laugh more. Live more.”

19. “Love subtracts sorrow, divides trouble, adds blessings, and multiplies joy.”

20. “Yesterday, I was clever, I wanted to be rich. Today, I am wise, I want to be happy.”

“God wanted to be happy so He created the world.
God wanted the world to be happy so He created man.
God wanted man to be happy so He created the sky.
God wanted the sky to be happy so He created stars.
God wanted stars to be happy so He created the universe.”

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