Why Coaching and Mentoring is Important

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Coaching and mentoring are increasingly used mainly for professional development, to indicate a positive change in individuals and to encourage the transfer of knowledge from the coach / mentor to the individual. Organizations and companies find coaching and mentoring highly beneficial for the career growth of their employees so coaching and mentoring has been applied by many entities in their organizational practices.

At the workplace, coaching and mentoring is used when the management finds that there are working individuals who need to enhance their potentials to perform better in their jobs and to be more productive. There may be skills that need to be strengthened, lapses in working behavior and issues with performance output corrected at certain employees. Once this is assessed, these employees will be recommended for coaching. The coaches are usually the supervisors and managers. The company may even have a delegated coach for that particular department.



The importance of coaching and mentoring extends broadly from the coach / mentor to the learner and the organization as a whole.


Benefits to the Coach or Mentor

The coach / mentor plays a very important role in transferring knowledge to the individual and helps the person in enhancing his personal and professional growth. The following reasons explain the importance of coaching and mentoring to the people who are conducting it:

  • Increased job satisfaction
  • Further enhancement of their own skill level
  • Advantage of their own professional development
  • Enhanced skill in problem analysis and strategic thinking
  • Develops self-esteem


Benefits to the Learner

  • Increases self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Promotes professional career growth
  • Enhances skills
  • Identifies weak areas and turns them into potential successes
  • Develops good relationship with the supervisor
  • Enhances problem analysis
  • Reduces the feeling of low self-worth and frustration
  • Provides an opportunity to think about a better work role and career
  • Gives a focused attention in the aspect of training and development


Benefits to the Organization

  • Higher employee retention
  • Competitive advantage with more skilled and well-performing employees
  • Increased skill set and knowledge levels of the people
  • Greater chances of attaining goals
  • Succession planning
  • Full utilization of human resources
  • Enhancement of communication within the organization
  • Strengthening of company culture and ethics


Effectiveness of Coaching and Mentoring

The impact of coaching and mentoring sessions to the individuals working in an organization is greater with these things:

  • There is a collaborative atmosphere in the workplace wherein professional learning is productive and individuals have the willingness and commitment to develop and improve themselves.
  • The management acknowledges the needs of the employees for professional learning that must be attained in order to raise organizational standards.
  • There are standard processes and sets of procedures for coaching and mentoring programs based on best practice.
  • The work roles of employees are redefined to incorporate coaching and mentoring sessions.
  • The designated coaches and mentors have the appropriate personal and professional attributes and skills required to conduct effective coaching. These experts are also able to provide continuous training and development necessary for the progress of employees.
  • The employees recognize the need and responsibility to attain professional development.
  • There is an evaluation about the impact of coaching and mentoring on the individuals and the organization.


The Advantages of Coaching and Mentoring

It is already a great advantage to the organization that coaching and mentoring benefits both the coach/mentor and the individuals.

Good working relationships are also developed since the supervisor usually takes the role of a coach to the staff. At the same time, the employees also see their superiors as their mentors who are willing to guide and help them develop their full potentials. It touches both the personal and professional aspects of the individuals.

When the focus is on improving performance, the person will realize that there are personal issues that need to be addressed. The implementation of coaching and mentoring in the workplace is a great contribution to the overall development of the individual and organizational level. That is why these programs are incorporated as a regular practice in the organizational system.


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